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4 Tips for Promoting your Personal Fitness Brand on Social Media

Fitness Brand on Social Media – Are you a fitness guru hoping to build some traction for your brand? Do you want more clients and followers who feel inspired by your fitness journey? Promoting your fitness brand is essential not just to get more clients, but to also establish yourself as a credible and qualified fitness instructor or trainer.

There are many things you can do to market your fitness services and build your health and fitness brand. Because there are so many fitness gurus, especially on social media platforms like Instagram, it’s easy to get misplaced in the mix if you don’t employ creative strategies to stand out.

So what can you do to effectively promote your personal fitness brand? In this blog post, we’ve listed down everything you need to know to gain exposure for your fitness brand and get more clients. Let’s take a look!

1. Post Educational Infographics on Social Media

Infographics allow people to gain some valuable knowledge – if you post these regularly, your follower count will definitely go up because people will be gaining something by following you. Infographics also make you look more learned and authoritative when it comes to matters of health and fitness.

There are a number of topics you can write your infographics about:

  • Weight losing or gaining tips
  • Information on healthy alternatives to popular food
  • Quick exercises
  • Tips on how to prioritize daily exercise
  • The importance of exercise on mental health

Make sure your infographics aren’t too long or cluttered with information. Your infographics should be bite-sized, contain only the most necessary information, and be shareable. If you’re not sure how to create professional looking infographics that are also on brand, check out PosterMyWall’s fitness poster templates that you can customize and post in minutes.

2. Go Live to Connect with your Audience

Every once in a while, for instance, bi-weekly or once a month depending on your schedule, go live on Facebook or Instagram to connect with your audience. Allow them to get to know you and ask you questions. The live sessions will also give people a chance to put a face to the brand, and obtain a glimpse into what it would be like to have you as a personal fitness trainer.

Here are a number of topics you can touch upon by going live:

  • Do a Q&A and encourage people to ask questions related to health, fitness, exercise, and lifestyle
  • Have a quick session to chat informally with your followers – tell new followers a little about yourself and advertise your services and how people can avail them
  • Do a live class in which you do some quick exercises that people can follow at home (end the session by encouraging people to sign up with you to access the whole class)
  • Show people the process of you making a healthy meal – can be a snack, a sugar-free dessert, or a full meal

3. Post your Daily Routine to Inspire People

Almost everyone is looking to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. However, most often, people don’t know where to start. As a fitness guru, you can help them out by sharing your daily routine with them. This will also build your credibility because it will show people that you practice what you preach. In this way, you’ll be able to boost your brand.

A good way to go about this is to post a video on your social media. Make small 5-10 second clips of you doing your everyday, mundane tasks. Then, compile the clips, edit it using any online video editor and set them to some fun or inspirational music (depending on the vibe you’re going for), to post them on your account. You can use a video making app like Animoto to make your videos quickly and easily.

Here are some routines you can post online:

  • Night-time skincare routine
  • Morning routine
  • Weekend routine
  • Cheat day routine
  • A day in the life

4. Have a story Highlight on your Instagram Profile for your Services

Since the above strategies will bring a ton of new people to see the best logo design to your Instagram page, you need to list down your services and price list front and center on your profile so that they’re easily accessible in case someone needs them.

Create a graphic that lists down all the services you have to offer. You can add videos or pictures for reference if you want. Then, add these graphics as a story highlight on your profile. The stories will then stay on your profile forever, available for viewing by anyone who’s interested.

Final Thoughts

Establishing your fitness brand is a process that will take time and lots of creativity. But if you’re ready to put in the effort, you can easily create a brand that’s wholesome, credible, aesthetic, and reliable. Follow these strategies to build your brand. Make sure to repeat the strategies that appear to be the most successful


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