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How to Make Your Manicure Last Longer?

Tired of seeing your nails chip only days after getting a manicure? You’re not alone; there is more to long-lasting nails than meets the eye. Maintaining healthy nails and taking certain precautions can help your manicure last up to three or four weeks.

What to Avoid?

Here are three of the most overlooked reasons why many don’t last:

  1. Using hand sanitizer often: Nowadays, most of us apply hand sanitizer on a regular basis and depending on your job, you might be applying it multiple times per day. While it’s important to sanitize, the alcohol in hand sanitizer and dry out your skin and nails, making it easier for your nail polish to chip. Opt for washing your hands instead of sanitizer when possible and moisturize your hands often if you have to use sanitizer a lot.
  2. Using coconut oil: Moisturizing is important, but coconut-based products can be damaging to your manicure. Use a coconut-free lotion or wear gloves if you handle coconut oil when cooking.
  3. Using low-quality products: Cheap or expired nail products can damage your nails and won’t offer a long-lasting manicure. It’s important to use high quality nail products, especially for longer-lasting man is like gel or dip powder, from brands you trust.

Avoiding these three things can help maintain your vibrant color and keep your nails strong.

Best Tips for Long-Lasting Nails

Best Tips for Long-Lasting Nails

There are also many tips you can follow to strengthen your nails and protect that valuable color:

  1. Go to a trusted salon: Cheap salons will cut corners such as diluting nail polish with remover or filling popular brand polish containers with cheap polish. This results in a manicure that won’t last much longer than a week, so go to a salon that you trust. Some of the best nail salons in Denver offer affordable and long-lasting manicures and you’re able to make an appointment online right away.
  2. Reapply topcoat: Applying an additional layer of topcoat every few days is a great way to protect your manicure.
  3. Wipe down the nail before the manicure: If you paint your own nails. I make sure to clean the nail bed completely before starting the manicure. Wiping down with alcohol ensures that the nail is completely dry and clean and that the base coat will properly adhere to the nail.
  4. Wear gloves when cleaning: Coming into contact with various cleaning products and hot water can weaken your manicure. If so wear gloves when you do activities that involve various chemicals.
  5. Follow a healthy diet: Eating healthy and getting the right amount of nutrients is important for healthy nails, skin, and hair. Strong nails make for a longer-lasting manicure, so eat a balanced diet. Take a daily vitamin to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need.
  6. Remove the manicure properly: Always follow the proper removal process for any manicure. This is especially important for the more permanent manicure types like dip powder and acrylics. For these manicures, take your manicure back to the salon for removal. For nail polish, be sure to use nail polish remover and not pick the polish off.
  7. Don’t blow on your nail polish: While it is tempting to blow on your nails to make the polish dry faster, don’t do it! This will weaken the polish. If you want your nails to dry faster, use a cold fan. Warm and moist conditions make the polish weaker. This is also why it’s important to paint your nails in a cool room. And also store polish products in a cool, dry place.
  8. Get a shorter cut: Long nail manicures will chip and break more easily. So, if you really want a long-lasting mani, opt for a shorter nail cut. Lifestyle plays a big role in nail longevity. If so you are active or you use your hands a lot, this might be better for you.

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