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Which Face Cream is Best for Daily Use?


Do you massage your skin daily? If not, then make it worthwhile with the application of facial cream. When massaged onto the skin, it lubricates it with the help of the oil and cream infused content. Oil free creams are better choices for excessively oily skin types amongst men and women. Bright face cream is the new norm for the skin types that gradually lose their glow due to premature aging, stressful lifestyle and so much more. It would be naive to consider face creams and moisturization creams one and the same. The face creams are quite different from moisturization creams. They are heavier and occasionally oily in composition.

Creams have a simple function to ease the rough patches along with healing of the worn out, outer layer of the skin. These mostly do not seep deep like the facial serums for enhanced functions of nourishment and enhanced vitality of the skin cells. Rather these roll over the surface cover up the pores from losing their prior moisture content to the atmosphere. It even protects the pores from dirt and pollutants from causing blockage. 

Skin colour is made lighter than the original with the use of skin brightening face creams. These can be the sole layer of protection before makeup but they do not hydrate your skin like the precious moisturisation creams. Being heavier in texture, they stay at the surface level, levelling up the skin surface for further beauty regimes. Here is how the face cream works relying on its ingredients such as-

  • The occlusive shields the skin from losing moisture and the humectants absorb water content from the air for better hydration of the skin surface. These are mainly covering the skin surface for lubrication and moist skin texture. 
  • Petroleum ingredients are listed in the cream ingredients but can also be free from these. Toluene, Benzene, Butanol and parfum derivatives. All these make the product last longer than usual water based ones. 
  • Natural butters in facial creams are abundantly used to get rid of the rough skin texture instantly on application. Shea, olive, almond, coconut, cocoa, hemp seed butters are some of the prominent ones seen in the facial cream formula.
  • Preservatives  and fragrances to excite your sense of smell are multifarious in types. Alcohol, benzene, sorbates along with natural to artificial contents add life to your facial cream.
  • Mineral oils and waxes do not undergo chain reactions to get the cream spoilt. There is no worry to get these inside the body systems or fear of any skin cancer or ailments. As the cream exactly tops the skin surface only.

For facial skin to appear lighter in shade, bright face creams use skin whitening agents called skin lighteners such as hydroquinone, silicones, glycolic acid, vitamin C, and linoleic acid.

It is a common misconception to apply facial creams in chilled-up winters. The most ideal time to apply face cream is after washing your facial skin. All the moisture is not let to dry up. With slight moistness, the facial skin is secured with a layer of facial creams. This is necessary to survive the summers or any other season. Winters and summers can be both drastic for the delicate facial skin.

Hyaluronic acid supplements can help increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Topical treatments can soothe redness and dermatitis, while injections can make skin appear firmer.

Look younger with the anti-aging properties of the face cream ingredients. Its layer reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and blemishes through its surface healing formula. It adds a soft texture to your skin for being compatible with the other beauty products, pigments, and highlights. A daily facial cream would only benefit you when applied correctly in required amounts. A dime of this cream is more than enough to cover the entire face. Better to go with squishy pumps than openable cream containers for the formula to be fresh as new on each use.

When it comes to choosing the best skin care products, most experts agree that you should be starting with clinically tested dermatological products. To shop skin care products that are dermatologically tested and best suited for your skin, please click on the link.


Everyday face creams are mild over the skin nature and seal it from losing the hydrating moisture from its core. Water is life and for skin the hydrating agents in the form of emollients, water soluble vitamins and essential amino acids are what makes it lovely and  lively.