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Drainage – Source, How to Achieve, Weight Control, and More


Drainage – Source of Health

Drainage is the first step in any revitalization action and a source of health. Several factors can promote the accumulation of waste in the body. To get off to a good start after the winter season, we recommend detoxifying and draining your body. This approach allows you to refuel and flush out accumulated toxins from your body.

The best drainage will affect the three main organs of elimination:

Factors like weak elimination functions, Circulatory failure, Development of a decomposing flora with toxic amines, and fast or overly processed food (“junk food”) have several origins.

An external origin occurs due to preservatives, pesticides, and heavy metals that block specific enzymatic processes.

An internal origin (various amines, metabolic residues) occurs because waste accumulates in the body, blood, and tissues and can even penetrate cells and disrupt metabolism.

How to Achieve Deep Drainage?

It is advisable to combine plants and trace elements.

  1. Plants (artichoke, black currant, linden, milk thistle, etc.) have a specific anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, choleretic, purifying, and regulating action on blood lipids.
  2. Trace elements and minerals prevent demineralization with drainage. They are also catalysts for detoxifying enzymes (zinc, copper, selenium, magnesium, chromium).

Recommendations for Drainage

Drainage in Weight Control

Ingredients for Drainage

Meadowsweet: wildflower is the meadowsweet, for its richness in potassium salts, is a precious aid to help the body in its waste elimination functions.

Turmeric: Known for millennia in Asia, turmeric gets from a  root that benefits liver function while helping to prevent the gathering of fats in the liver and facilitate its repopulation.

Birch: It comes from leaves; birch extract is naturally rich in flavonoids and saponins. It favors the renal elimination of water, thus facilitating the evacuation of waste and toxins.

Ash: It is in use since ancient times; ash is particularly rich in flavonoids that give the plant its draining properties. It also helps with weight control in addition to dietary measures.

Cherry stems: Fabulous cherry stems are rich in flavonoids and potassium salt, giving the plant its destructive properties. They are of great help to help the body eliminate accumulated toxins.

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When to Drain Your Body?

The list of fruits and vegetables recommended are:

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