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Types of Skin Blemishes on The Face And Its Treatments


A blemish is any type of blemish, discoloration, or blemish that appears on the skin. Facial scars can be uncomfortable and emotionally disturbing, but most are mild and not life-threatening. However, some blemishes can indicate skin cancer.

Medical treatment or the use of home remedies can help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

Types of defects

“Imperfection” is a general term that refers to any mark on the skin. There are many types of faults.


Acne is a common condition So Acne can appear as:

In addition, Acne occurs when sebum (oil), bacteria, or dirt clogs the hair follicles. Therefore, Acne can sometimes leave dark spots, pimples, or scars on the skin. These are also types of faults.

It is believed that hormonal changes affect the formation of acne. Stress can also worsen by increasing sebum production, although it is not considered a significant cause.

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Anti-blemish serum

Acne scars, blackheads, and minor blemishes are pesky skin problems that aren’t worth sleepless nights. Especially when you have help at your fingertips. Our anti-blemish serum offers the benefits of calamine, willow bark extract, camphor essential oil, and tea tree essential oil. Percent salicylic acid content as an ingredient of 0.8% WW

These active ingredients help refine skin texture and minimize pore size, soothe and eliminate acne breakouts, refine skin texture, and smooth And also, acne scars and pits. This serum is intended for people with oily, prone skin with spots, holes, and blemishes. It is for topical use only.

As this is a special serum, it is intended for local use. Apply only to areas with holes, scars, or blemishes on the face. You have to use the product regularly to see the difference. Results will vary depending on the condition of the skin.

Why do you need a face serum? A serum delivers powerful active ingredients directly to the skin. Because it has smaller molecules than lotions or creams, the skin can better absorb active ingredients and help fight specific skin problems.

Do you know why WOW Skin Science products are so good for you? Well, they don’t contain any of those harmful chemicals like parabens, mineral oils, or dyes. The products have a high concentration of natural active ingredients and a balanced. They are dermatologically tested and made in the beautiful mountainous valleys of the Himalayas.

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