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What is Stylus Pen? – Types, Advantages and More

What is Stylus Pen?

A stylus or stylus is a pencil-shaped object used for drawing, pointing, signing, and scrolling on touchscreen electronic devices. The stylus is for touchscreen smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The stylus is to simplify the operation of touchscreen devices. They are as easy to handle as a standard ballpoint pen with a small, flexible tip, smaller than the surface of your finger, significantly improving accuracy.

Types of Stylus Pen

Currently, there are two types of stylus on the market, the “active” or the “passive,” also called capacitively.

The stylus has a pen-like tip with electronics. Features of this pen include electronic erasers, memory, and pressure sensitivity, allowing for heavier or lighter lines depending on the amount of pressure practical. The palm rejection characteristic also allows you to rest your palm on the screen without causing interference with your work.

The passive/capacitive stylus is more straightforward; there is no communication between the stylus and the device. It only conducts electrical charges, behaving in the same way as a finger on a screen.

Advantages of Stylus Pen

Advantages of Stylus Pen

When we use our fingers to navigate the touch screen devices, the screens will be missing with oily smears and smudges from the natural oils produced by the fingertips. Using a stylus is much cleaner, leaving the screen clear and smudge-free.

A stylus will allow you to have precision and control over your touchscreen devices—especially those with more giant fingers or using smaller devices, such as a smartphone.

If you are in a chilled country, you can still use your devices with a stylus without removing your gloves. Using a stylus will allow gamers to have more control and a better overview of the game.

Having a stylus for work will also look more professional, like getting a client’s electronic signature.

If you are already practicing electronic note-taking with your laptop or tablet, In that case, you will undoubtedly encounter some difficulties, especially with topics that involve complicated math equations, graphs, tables, diagrams, mind maps, or drawings.  The usage of the Stylus Pen will solve the problem.

With the help of advanced technologies, most presentations have gone from written or printed paper to online presentations. It helps educators to collect and organize student work, as well as facilitate plagiarism checks.

However, educators have to electronically evaluate projects, essays, and exams, which can be more challenging than expected. Using a stylus will help educators quickly add student comments and circle areas for note-taking.

The 5 Best Stylus to Use on Laptops

  1. BaseTronics

If you are new to using a stylus and are looking for something simple, the Bargains Depot Pen may be the one for you. It works as an inexpensive passive stylus and is compatible with all touchscreen devices.

  1. Adonit Pro 4

Weighing 22 grams and a 9.25mm aluminum body, it’s to look like a stylish pen. The soft-touch precision dial on the tip of the stylus is to resist scratches from your displays. The disc is transparent to ensure that the view does not freeze when writing or drawing for greater accuracy.

  1. Mikicat Active Stylus

The Mikicat Active Stylus is perfect for an active stylus but is on a budget. It is compatible with most touchscreen smartphones and tablets and has a one-button operation function that requires no USB or Bluetooth connection to your devices. The Mikicat Active Stylus pen has a precise dot control function which allows the stylus to be sensitive to pressure and tilt for line thickness and subtle shades.

  1. Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus

If you are looking for an expert stylus, the Walcom Bamboo Ink Plus Stylus is a correct active stylus with many characteristics that will take your creativity to the next level. Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Stylus has a wide range of compatible devices and is also easy to use. The pen connects via Bluetooth to your device; pressing the Bluetooth button will automatically launch the Windows Ink Workspace application.

  1. Apple Pencil

IPads seem to be the best choice for school and student tablets; the Apple Pencil is also among our top picks. Educators and students with iPads should consider purchasing Apple Pencil as a stylus due to its unique and specific design suitable for iPad users. Commonly known as the stylus without a stylus, the Apple Pencil may be the most accurate stylus on the market. Its combination of Bluetooth wireless technology and sensors on the iPad allows the pen to accurately draw on the screen based on changes in the pressure and angle of the stylus.