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What Does Partial Hospitalization Mean in a Drug Treatment Center?

Partial hospitalization programs began as the perfect blend between inpatient and outpatient care for those struggling with addiction problems. They design to give the intensity of care for inpatient programs. While providing the stability of the community that comes with outpatient care.

There is a lot of medical monitoring during the day treatment program and incorporation of aspects such as drug counselling. And individual and group therapy together with any necessary medication.

The typical period of care is three to five days a week for four to six hours at the center. It can use as a perfect step down from the in-patient program easily into the out-patient program. It is also the most suitable program for people who don’t necessarily require 24-hour supervision but would benefit from high levels of support. Here is an in-depth look at the services provided in the partial hospitalization program:

Services in Partial Hospitalization Programs

The treatment program in a drug alcohol treatment center that offers partial hospitalization is personalized to suit the individual needs of each patient. There are many professionals such as psychiatrists, social workers, doctors, nurses, and therapists. The services that they will give include:

Detox programs: when withdrawal symptoms are mild, you can enroll in a drug alcohol treatment center with detox services included in their partial hospitalization program. It is, however, advised to do full detoxes before enrolling, as this process needs constant supervision and medical support.

Medical services: sometimes, there may be a necessity for administering medication for complications arising from substance abuse and other related health conditions. Partial hospitalization center doctors and nurses can offer good medication management programs. They can also help to decrease feelings of cravings and block the reward effects of alcohol and other drug use.

Therapy and counseling services: there are opportunities for one-on-one sessions with a counselor to work through coping with triggers and long-term recovery. There are also group counseling and educational sessions to impart skills to the individuals. Group counseling sessions also help in providing support and accountability for the individual members.

Long-term recovery plan: aftercare planning is also provided as part of the program to help prepare individuals for life after the program. This includes relapse prevention tactics and support groups for post-rehab sustenance. There are also lessons on sober living and how to integrate best with society.

Holistic treatment: the inclusion of holistic treatment in the programs includes elements such as yoga, art and music therapy, and fitness and nutrition classes. This ensures that all aspects of health and wellness are well catered for.

Ideal Conditions for joining a Partial Hospitalization Program

A PHP program is an excellent choice when the effects of the addiction. And withdrawal are not too severe or when stepping down from an intensive inpatient program. In such circumstances, patients require medical supervision but not 24 hours a day. The level of support still needed far exceeds that provided in outpatient programs.

It is also a great choice when patients have stable housing and transportation systems. Or need to continue working or going to school. The price considerations also make it a desirable choice as it costs significantly less than other forms of Drug Rehab in Los Angeles and alcohol treatment centers.


The end aims for PHP are complete recovery in the form of full detoxes and the ability to function on your own without reliance on the drug or substances. This includes an in-depth understanding of their addictions. And the triggers that may lead to relapse. The road to recovery is made easier with this interactive form of partial hospitalization program.


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