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Nutrition consists of adopting a healthy and balanced diet. Food and beverages give the energy and nutrients needed for good health. Understanding these nutritional terms can help you make better food choices. To Write for Us, you can email us at

Types of Nutrition

There are two types of nutrition in living organisms, namely:

  • autotrophic mode
  • heterotrophic mode

Types of Nutrition

1. Autotrophic Nutrition

In autotrophic mode, organisms use simple inorganic materials such as water and carbon dioxide in the presence of light and chlorophyll to synthesize their food on their own. In other words, photosynthesis converts light energy into food such as glucose. These organisms are called autotrophs. Plants, algae, and bacteria (cyanobacteria) are some examples of autotrophic nutrition.

Through photosynthesis, carbon dioxide and water are converted into carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are stored as starch in plants. Subsequently, the plants obtain the necessary energy from the stored starch. The process of photosynthesis can be explained in three steps:

Absorption: The chlorophyll in the leaves traps the light from the sun.

Conversion: The absorbed light energy is converted into chemical energy. The absorbed water will split into hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

Reduction: Finally, carbon dioxide is reduced; hydrogen molecules combine with carbon to form carbohydrates (sugar molecules).

The three events are not a continuous process. They may or may not occur sequentially.

  • In plants, stomata are the leaf openings where gas exchange occurs and is regulated by guard cells. Plants absorb and release gases through these stomatal pores.
  • In desert habitats, guard cells keep these pores closed during the day to prevent water loss. Later, during the night, the stomata will open to absorb carbon dioxide and store it in the vacuoles. Then, during the day, they will use this stored carbon dioxide to do photosynthesis.
  • Apart from photosynthesis, plants depend on the soil for micro and macro elements. These elements synthesize proteins and other essential compounds necessary for plants’ proper functioning and growth.

2. Heterotrophic Nutrition

Each organism is not capable of preparing food on its own. Instead, these organisms depend on others for their nutrition. Organisms that cannot produce food independently and rely on other sources/organisms are called heterotrophs. This form of nutrition is known as heterotrophic nutrition.

Fungi and all animals, including humans, are heterotrophs. Heterotrophs can be of wide varieties depending on their environment and adaptations. For example, some can eat plants (herbivores), and some can eat animals (carnivores), while few eat both (omnivores). Thus we can say that the survival of heterotrophs depends directly or indirectly on plants.

Heterotrophs are classified into distinct categories based on their mode of nutrition. Is it like this:

  • Parasites (e.g., leeches, ticks)
  • Saprophytes (e.g. fungi)
  • Holozoic (e.g., humans, dogs)

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