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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Mental Health Coach Certification

The world of mental health guidance is changing at a rapid pace. With increased focus on caring for mental wellness at the forefront, new ways of offering mental health services and helping others are starting to take shape. The need to advocate for our own individual needs as well as care for those around us are two powerful realizations that have been brought to light recently in response to the global pandemic.

Previously, the main path toward a career in mental health development was to pursue a degree in psychology, psychiatry, or another official field of a mental health focus. While these careers are all necessary, especially for clinical mental health situations, some limitations make pursuing these career paths challenging for those who want a faster way to begin helping others. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from.

For non-clinical settings, there are many ways that you can start your career path in health advocacy. You can be a life coach, a trainer, a nutritionist, and a mental health coach by completing program-specific training and receiving your certification online. Interested in getting started? Here’s the ultimate guide on getting your mental health coach certification.

Clinical And Non-Clinical Mental Health Help Is Necessary

There is unshakable merit in the necessity of clinical mental health treatment. The problem is that this is not the end of the road for mental illness survivors looking to take the next step. If someone has done the work, at some point, they’ll be ready to take on their present situation and seek to develop skills that let them live more authentically. With mental health coach certification, you can be the person to provide them with the additional skills they need to continue growing.

Get Your Mental Health Coach Certification Online

You can become a mental health coach by training for your certificate online. Each program contains specific requirements that must be met over the duration of your course to obtain your certificate. Mental health coaching certification follows a training model consisting of core teachings and additional requirements for ICF, ACC, and PCC credits.

Get enrolled in the mental health coach certification track and start your journey to becoming a life coach! With structured programs, live classes, and independent study sessions, you’ll streamline your learning with step-by-step activities and a course load you can work through on your schedule.

The Program Broken Into Parts

Your live meetings on Zoom will take place over 120-minute sessions, where you’ll focus on coaching skills and self-development. You’ll earn a certificate in NLP-Integrated life Coaching, ICF Coach Mentoring, Master Coach training, and Mental Health Coach Training. Collectively this is a total of 242 mandatory hours to achieve your mental health coach certification.

Help Others As A Mental Health Coach

Complete your online mental health coach certification at your own pace and move forward on a career path that will help you and so many others live their lives to the fullest. Help yourself and others as a mental health coach!