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Lipstick – Definition, Best Lipstick, Differences, And More

Lipstick Definition

Lipstick is a cosmetic that adds color, touch, and protection to the lips. There are many colors and types of lipstick. Some lipsticks are also lipped creams to add color and moisture.

Get a picture-perfect pout with our color-popping shades of lipstick. And for the perfect finish, try our matte and gloss lipsticks.

Best Lipsticks

Our Good On You Hydra Matte Lipstick is long-lasting that was created with the greatest love. It’s available in 12 vibrant hues to meet the needs of different skin tones and is made with a formula free of harmful chemicals. It can last up to 7 hours without cracking or chipping and has a vegan and organic formulation. It is also packaged in a unique bamboo case.

Differences Between Lipstick


Lipstick covers all lips most of the day. The most common lipsticks are creamy and matte, although cosmetics of this type have appeared with better effects, slightly similar to gloss in recent years.

Matte lipsticks are highly recommended for thin lips that are perfect for achieving bold, dark tones. These are also long-lasting lipsticks, so you don’t have to touch them up.

Lipstick is great for adding color to your lips daily. You have to choose the right tone according to your skin type and the occasion: whether you are going to work or college, having coffee, going for a walk, or having an appointment.

Lipstick should you Buy based on your Skin Tone

When choosing lipstick color, there are two factors to consider to complement makeup well: your skintone and the clothes you will be wearing. Currently, there are lipsticks on the market in very different shades, from the most classic – red, pink, and brown – to yellow, purple, or orange.

1. Fair Skin

We commend going for orange, coral, or light pink tones every day if you have a fair skin tone. For the night, rouge or eggplant are great options for highlighting your lips.

2. Medium Skin

Ideal colors for the day are brown, garnet, deep pink, and muted oranges. For the night, cherry, jasmine, or hot pink are very successful options to dazzle.

3. Dark Skin

We recommend lipstick in light and dark tones for the day and burgundy for the night, which will add a touch of glamor to your look.

In addition, there is another fundamental aspect to consider when choosing: the types of clothes you will be wearing.

Colorful appearance: If you usually wear colorful clothes in intense tones or prints, choose lipstick with a similar style, e.g., B. a bright red that complements and highlights your look.

Dark look: If you prefer dark clothes like gray, blue, or black, go for more sophisticated and neutral like pastel pinks

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