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 Why You Should Turn to Holistic Remedies for Your Health?

When you start sneezing from allergies or shivering from a fever, it may be second nature to head to the pharmacy for medication. The cold, flu, and allergy products you find there can reduce your symptoms. But they rarely solve the problems behind your aching head or tickling throat. Consider swapping out your go-to over-the-counter medicines for holistic remedies. Here’s why.

Clinically Proven

Although some people think that holistic remedies aren’t monitored by review boards, homeopathic allergy medication must pass clinical trials before it’s ready for purchase. This means that controlled studies must prove that the medication fulfills its purpose in a reasonable timeframe.

For example, a clinical study compared holistic cold and flu medicine to standard OTC medication. The results demonstrated that the holistic remedy. It was more effective at reducing participants’ fevers for six days following the first dose.

No Harsh Side Effects on Your Body

No Harsh Side Effects on Your Body

Most OTC medications come with a laundry list of side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Insomnia
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headaches

These side effects result from the strong chemicals used as well as the way these drugs work. For example, many allergy medications tackle symptoms by preventing your body from releasing histamines. Your histamines are a natural part of your immune system’s response to pathogens such as pollen, though, and preventing their release disturbs your body’s homeostasis.

On the other hand, homeopathic remedies for chest congestion do not have these damaging side effects because they do not suppress your body’s immune response. Most holistic remedies include an antihistamine, which combines with histamines that your body has already released. Other active ingredients supply your immune system with a rush of antioxidants. Giving your immune system the natural help it needs to tackle the infection.

Simple To Use

Homeopathic cold medicine has dosage requirements, and it’s important to follow them. Unlike with regular OTC medication, though, there’s no risk of severe liver or kidney damage if you have to take the medication for a while. If your allergies kick in during a cold, you don’t need to worry about the active ingredients in your allergy medication combining adversely with the ones in your cold relief. As a result, you can address both infections at the same time.

Well-Suited to Common-Sense Approaches to Wellness

Because holistic medication concentrates on healing your body naturally, its effectiveness goes up when you take common-sense steps to boost your health. For example, if you prioritize sleep during a cold, your body can channel its energy to your immune system. Then, the extra antioxidants provided by your homeopathic cold remedy have time to reduce inflammation throughout your respiratory system.

Similarly, if you’re having allergies, reducing your exposure to the allergen in question by wearing a face mask means that your body releases fewer histamines. As a result, your medication can minimize inflammation more quickly.

The next time you’re feeling under the weather, try using homeopathic remedies to control your symptoms and give your immune system a hand.

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