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Top 10 Fashion Magazines in India for 2023

Fashion magazines have been recognized sources of information about fashion trends for years. They include articles on designers, the choice and origin of materials for specific collections, the creative process, or even fashion show schedules.

Between interviews, targeted advice, and fashion shoots, these magazines often act as a reference for the latest trends and silhouettes on catwalks worldwide. Although fashion is often their primary focus, many women’s magazines also deal with various subjects such as well-being, design, gastronomy, etc. They, therefore, mix several themes while keeping their primary vocation: informing the reader about the latest fashion news.

Top 10 Fashion Magazines in India for 2023

Are you a passionate magazine reader who can hardly resist fashion? If you are, why not unlock more opportunities to stay updated on the latest fashion and trends? Don’t miss out on these top 10 best fashion magazines in India that are most read and loved by men and women and will help you stay updated about fashion and style in the industry. These fashion magazines publish current fashion trends, fashion news, the fashion industry, and more. Our list of top 10 fashion magazines in India includes men’s and women’s fashion magazines.

Fashion Magazines

1. Vogue Magazine

Vogue India Magazine is an Indian edition of Vogue and the world’s best fashion magazine for women. It payment is for all the fashion fanatics out there. And also, it is a monthly magazine that covers subjects like fashion, beauty, culture, lifestyle, and much more. Vogue fashion magazine helps you keep updated about the latest trends and future trends in the fashion industry.

2. Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine is an Indian version of French origin known as Elle, the world’s most prominent fashion and existence magazine. Are you looking for style, latest trends, beauty, health & fitness tips, lifestyle, travel, celebrity news, entertainment, and relationship-related topics? Elle Magazine covers it all. And allso, In 1989, the title Elle Decor Magazine was launched, focusing on home decor.

3. Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine is the world’s oldest, constantly published fashion magazine. It is the largest-selling fashion magazine. Harper’s Bazaar believes itself to be the style basis for “women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture.” It aims at Indian women who are more tasteful and selective. This magazine discusses trending fashion & tips, celebrity style fashion, travel, beauty tips, ideas on outfits and styling, culture, wedding, designers, food, and also lifestyle.

4. Femina Magazine

Originating in India, Femina Magazine is the oldest homegrown magazine, the most-read fashion magazine published for women in the country. The pages of the publication pack with present fashion trends, beauty, health, fitness, travel, food, cuisine, relationships, brides, celebrity, culture, careers, and much more. Femina Magazine target to modern and young women in India.

5. Woman’s Era Magazine

Woman's Era Magazine

Woman’s Era Magazine is an Indian-origin magazine of women’s interest. This Magazine is an inspiring choice for modern Indian women! Woman’s Era Magazine, the women-centric fashion and lifestyle magazine, offers various articles covering various spheres of life, including fashion news, cooking, movie and book reviews, health, relationships, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and also technology, with comments on socialites and current events.

6. GQ Magazine

GQ Magazine is an Indian edition of American origin called GQ. It is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine directed mainly towards men readers. GQ was the second magazine released in India that is wholly foreign-owned. The Indian edition of GQ Magazine, which is a men’s fashion magazine, revolves around fashion, style, and culture for men, articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, and also books.

7. Man’s World Magazine

Man’s World Magazine is another Indian men’s fashion magazine and India’s first luxury lifestyle magazine. It not only derives with oodles of fashion pages containing tendencies, tips, advice, and news but also helps out Indian men by covering other features of their lives, including fashion, lifestyle, cars, gizmos, sports, etiquette, books, films, and television, theater, wine, food, music, fitness, adventure, travel, and also experiences.

8. Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine is another American-origin magazine in Indian Edition, a monthly women’s fashion and entertainment magazine. Cosmo Magazine is one of the successful magazines, mainly envisioned for a female audience. The publication covers various topics, such as relationships, sex, health, careers, self-improvement, celebrities, fashion, horoscopes, and also beauty.

9. FHM Magazine

FHM Magazine is an Indian edition of FHM, a British origin of Men’s interest. High-profile names have published on the magazine cover, that includes top models, actresses, and singers. FHM India lately changed its focus from some chance celebrity shoots to concept-based celebrity shoots. This Magazine covers dating tips, trends in the fashion industry, style advice, viral news, life hacks, sports, and also entertainment for Men.

10. Verve Magazine

Verve Magazine

Verve Magazine is India’s leading and only home-grown luxury and lifestyle magazine for women. It is known for its well-built people focus, with interviews with celebrities and famous people, and covers Bollywood news. It also serves as a platform to discover new talents. This women’s fashion magazine focuses on trends, tips, and ideas about fashion, arts and culture, food, travel, and also beauty, etc.

What do Fashion Magazines Offer?

The Indian fashion industry is rising quickly, just like our fad. We always try to soak up as much juice from the fashion world as possible by keeping up to date on what’s been happening in the industry. These mainly include the ins and outs of the newest fashion practices and the lifestyle needs of trendsetters.

Here comes the importance of fashion magazines. They act as the quintessential medium to save us up to date with the curiosities of the fashion fraternity. However, that’s not all about fashion magazines. They also notify us about all other aspects of fashion by offering admission to a wide variety of topics such as fashion news, style trends, beauty tips, lifestyle, celebrity gossip, relationship information, dating advice, health and fitness, travel hacks, etc, and many more.

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