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Why Carboxy Treatments are the Quickest Way to Healthier Skin?

What are Carboxy Treatments?

Carboxy treatments, otherwise referred to as carboxytherapy is a non-surgical approach to correcting skin irregularities such as dark under-eye circles, stretch marks, cellulite, and stubborn fat deposits. The concept itself is relatively new, especially in the market for at-home consumers, however, it’s also quickly gaining popularity! This is simply because carboxy treatments are far less invasive than their alternatives and require no surgery or downtime.

How Does Carboxytherapy Work?

In most scenarios, carboxytherapy is carried out through either a subcutaneous injection into the fatty tissue found underneath our skin or applied topically. Companies such as CO2Lift that specialize in carbon dioxide therapy treatments offer topical carboxytherapy delivered through a gel.  For those who prefer a topically applied treatment, CO2Lift offers an oxygen-producing gel mask for face and body.

The concept behind the treatments is simple. Our bodies tend to reject the overall presence of carbon dioxide and mistake it for a lack of oxygen. When we infuse carbon dioxide directly into our stubborn body regions, it works to increase the overall blood that flows to the injected area. The increase in blood flow also provides a significant oxygen boost which helps to improve and restore the overall appearance of the skin of the injected area. Overall, the carboxytherapy injection helps not only improve the overall circulation of blood to the area applied  but also contributes to the creation of new blood vessels and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to help rejuvenate your skin entirely.

Carboxytherapy treatments are especially easier than their alternatives for a multitude of reasons, but especially because they can be done with ease from your very own home. Most carboxy therapy treatments, including those offered by CO2Lift, are self-administered and may take anywhere from 35-60 minutes total from start to finish to carry out. The best part? Patients claim to see results after as little as 1 treatment.

How Do Carboxy Treatments Make Your Skin Healthier?

If you’re still not sold on just how beneficial carboxy treatments can be when it comes to your skin’s overall health, outlined below are a few of the other unique benefits associated with carboxytherapy for patients!

Carboxytherapy treatment can be used to treat just about anything ranging from wrinkles to cellulite, to overall vaginal rejuvenation. The treatment helps to improve several different skin conditions, such as the following:

  • Minimizing pores·
  • Reducing dark under-eye circles·
  • Gets rid of stretch marks
  • Reduces eye-puffiness
  • Eliminates cellulite, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Helps with overall vaginal rejuvenation
  • Smooths skin texture and brightens skin tone

Carboxy Treatments Hydrate Skin

Not only does carboxytherapy help to improve the overall appearance of the skin, but it also helps to maintain your skin’s hydration. This is simply because carboxy therapy treatments help to boost the skin’s overall metabolism as well as the skin’s natural production of oxygen, which both have hydration-boosting effects. In turn, it will leave your skin looking more even toned and brighter. It can even help to minimize the appearance of swelling, acne, and bruising.


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