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5 Reasons Behind Breast Augmentation Surgery’s Popularity

Breast augmentation continues to be a crowd-pleaser in the plastic surgery world. It is a popular procedure performed by many clinics worldwide. According to the statistics, breast augmentation was the most common plastic surgery procedure in 2019, with nearly 1.8 million procedures performed.

With the latest surgical techniques, innovative devices, and implant options available, breast augmentation is safer and more effective today. There are a few common reasons women choose to get breast augmentation, contributing to the procedure’s ongoing popularity.

1. Improve Breast Appearance

Breast augmentation can enhance your breast size, balance out asymmetrical breasts, and alter the shape to help you achieve your desired results. It is also a top choice for women who want to change their breasts back to their old appearance after pregnancy, significant weight loss, mastectomy, or injury.

The procedure can effectively alter breasts to help a woman gain confidence. It may also help clothes fit better as changing the breast size can help people feel more proportioned in their clothing.

2. Restore Lost Volume

A woman’s body loses volume for many reasons over time. Loss of volume is an ordinary sign of aging, but it can also occur if someone loses an important amount of weight or goes through a life-altering event, such as giving birth.

Breast augmentation is most usually performed with implants to change the shape and size of the breast. If your primary goal is to restore lost volume, speak to your surgeon to determine which implant best suits your needs.

3. Choose from New Implant Options

Saline and silicone breast implants are motionless the two primary types of implants. But more options are available today, thanks to research and innovation. Another type of implant available is gummy bear breast implants. This type of implant shape like a teardrop, and it mimics the contour of your natural breasts with fullness at the bottom.

You can also choose to get a fat transfer augmentation where the procedure involves using liposuction to take out fat from other parts of your body to inject it into the breasts. This option is ideal for women looking for more natural results and a slight increase in breast size.

4. Access to More Specialized Clinics

Access to More Specialized Clinics

Due to breast augmentation’s fame, many clinics offer the treatment today. Getting the procedure performed by an expert allows patients to discuss different surgical techniques and explore various options. As more clinics offer this service, they also require licensed medical providers to join their teams.

5. Enhanced Safety

As more people seek out breast augmentation surgery. It allows the research industry to improve safety and focus on enhancing the treatment. The FDA took several new actions to strengthen breast implant risk communication and help those considering breast implants make informed decisions. This allows breast implant patients to get implants by weighing the pros and cons.

The popularity of breast augmentation has been consistent for a long time. If the industry continues to invest in the procedure and improve the overall experience for patients. It will remain popular in the future.

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