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How to get in Shape with your Dog?

This is a question that more and more people are asking these days. And the reason for this phenomenon is simple: many of us have realized, or at least we feel, that our lifestyle is not healthy enough. We don’t exercise often enough and we typically lead inactive lives – which can have a negative impact on our physical condition. But there’s one activity that many people enjoy doing: walking their dogs! 

So why not go for it? It’s fun (you’re gonna spend some time with your beloved pet), you’ll get benefits out of it (exercise will keep both yourself and Fido fit), and besides, what could be better than enjoying nature together?

There isn’t anything wrong about ‘working out’ like that, but there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. First of all, have you considered whether your dog is healthy enough to go on daily walks? It does depend on breed to breed – after all, some dogs were bred for hunting and they usually need special nutrition and a lot more exercise than others. 

Best Way to get in Shape with your Dog

But this doesn’t mean that any dog can do it! You also have to consider the dog’s age and general condition – even though any pet would probably enjoy going out with its owner, older dogs aren’t as fast as they used to be, and sometimes their joints don’t work as well as before…

If the answer is ‘yes’ then everything depends on how much time you want or can spend walking your dog each day. If you can manage at least a mile a day, that’s good enough. And also, if your dog is a little bit more demanding and needs at least two or three miles of walking each day, then you probably have to prepare yourself for going out every morning and evening.

In any case, make sure that Fido doesn’t get bored! Going for walks should always be fun – after all, it is an activity between you and your pet! So make sure that the route is interesting (you don’t want to walk in circles) and buy some special treats from time to time, so he knows when a reward is coming…

And one last thing: how about jogging instead? Let’s face it: dogs love running around but sometimes they need a little push from their owners. In this case, you might want to try jogging with Fido, as it’s a great aerobic exercise for both of you. You can also take those special treats along and encourage him to run more by rewarding him once in a while.

Enjoy the time spent together on these walks – it’ll be good for both of you!

Here are some Tips when Jogging with your Dog

Here are some Tips when Jogging with your Dog

Make sure Fido is in good health.

Let your dog get used to the leash around his neck and around your waist if you use one. If he tries to pull ahead or lag behind, gently but firmly hold him back at a level that’s comfortable for both of you. Remember, it’s only a few weeks in the beginning, and then just improves gradually as he gets to know what jogging means.

Don’t run too far in the beginning.

Let Fido go at his own pace and keep in mind that he may be more fatigued than you after exercise because of his age and breed characteristics. Be aware that older dogs’ joints are not as flexible as when they were younger; longer-distance runs can exacerbate this problem – so make sure they are eating the right food when exercising.

If Fido is panting excessively or retching or vomiting, he may be pushing himself too hard. Slow the pace of your run, walk for a while, and leave him to recover on his own. If it happens again, you probably need to switch back to walking only.

You should also pay attention to weather conditions.

If it’s hot, don’t push your dog too hard; if it’s cold, protect sensitive paws with some protective gear (if available). And above all else be sure that Fido gets water breaks at least once every 20 minutes!

Have fun with your dog!

Most important – make it enjoyable for your dog. If he gets bored very fast, make it a shorter walk and make it more interesting with some special treats or toys or games.

There you go! Now you can enjoy your walks with Fido without feeling too tired.  After all, exercise is very important for both of you – so let’s do it together!

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