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6 Tabata Workout Exercises That Relieve Your PCOS Symptoms

Tabata Workout Exercises That Relieve Your PCOS Symptoms – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder in women causing enlarged ovaries with the formation of small cysts on the outer edges. If you have been diagnosed with the same, it is an alarm for you to make some serious lifestyle changes and take control of this issue at an early stage. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with it or before you will have to engage yourself in a proper diet and put yourself through a specific exercise program.

Optimal Diet Plan

For best results, you may choose a diet plan which works well with your lifestyle and eating patterns. A PCOS diet plan may be the best option. A PCOS diet can help to improve hormonal levels and reduce androgen levels, in those with PCOS. Helping to balance the body’s hormones and make weight loss easier. Consuming the foods in a PCOS diet list can help you balance hormonal levels naturally helping to reduce stubborn abdominal fat.

The Tabata Workout

Usually, a set of Tabata workouts uses two exercises to do four times, or you could choose a 20-second burst. You can also choose to do the one move for every four minutes Tabata and wrap up with five minutes of stretches to cool down. Therefore, experts say that it is one of the fastest ways where do a four-minute Tabata can help you reduce fat rapidly.

Why Tabata If You Have Pcos?

Tabata is great for weight loss and the high-intensity short bursts are beneficial for those with insulin resistance and unbalanced hormones. Those with PCOS often have both of these problems. Pcos Symptoms can make your body resistant to insulin, causing your pancreas to produce more of it. High androgen levels can send a message to the body to store fat, instead of burning it.

The Best Tabata Workouts

To make things easier for you here are  6 exercises that you can include as a part of your daily exercise routine. Below are a few exercises used in a high-intensity PCOS Tabata workout:



There are almost ten different variations of push-ups of different intensities, they call, Close grip push up, Mixed style close-grip pushup, Spiderman pushup, Archer Pushup, incline archer pushup, incline archer pushup, post pushup, typewriter pushup, handstand pushup, loaded pushup and lastly superman pushup. Try and see which one you are able to handle safely with your present health condition and stick by it till you reach the next level of fitness for more intense reps to do.

High Knees – Running in Place

This is a highly effective exercise to include in your routine as it improves your cardiovascular endurance, helps burn calories, as it boosts your lower body strength improves coordination and strength of your core abdominal muscles, all in all, it will help activate your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes and hip flexors when done at a high intensity as in the case of Tabata Workout, it will strengthen your lower body. There are three variations to these exercises they are known as, Basic high knees, Steam engine, and high knee skips.

Skate Lunges

Skate Lunges are again best for the lower body, as it works on your hamstrings, inner and outer things, and glutes and improves the mobility of the hip and ankle. It is also known to increase heart rate anytime you do it. Which means it will add up to your cardiovascular workouts too. It is among the five different types of lunges, such as walking lunges, jumping lunges; rear foot elevated lunges, step-up reverse lunges and reverse lunges.

Mountain Climbers

This is among the best exercises and should not lift out as; it works on the core muscles of your back, hips, and abs along with the glutes. It also includes leg muscles and shoulders. Therefore, this one exercise would help extensively if you include it in Tabata’s workout. There are 52 mountain climber variations, but the most popular ones are the tempo mountain climber, spider mountain climber, down dog mountain climber, modified-burpee mountain climber, and cross-body mountain climber.


Burpees are among the most popular exercises which once included in your routine would help you in several ways. Burpee’s helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, with improved blood flow in full-body. Which means it, will help you regulate your blood pressure and sugar levels. This is an intense exercise, which helps in improving brain functions as well, therefore I recommend don’t skip this one.

Squat Jumps

These does to improve agility and power in your full body. This exercise also uses lower body muscles in the abdomen, glutes, hamstrings and lower back and strengthens them, therefore, works great for a person with PCOS Symptoms issues. Squat jumps are a little different than squats, so try jump squats and not squats for faster and better results.

Be Mindful of your Physical Condition

Needless to say, go with the Tabata program, which you can do conveniently, in the beginning, considering your present physical condition, and scale it up to new complicated variations later. It’s best to consult a Tabata expert for initial guidance and your doctor.

In Conclusion

A Tabata workout can help in stabilizing your insulin levels. Aide in balancing your hormones to aid in weight loss and may decrease other PCOS symptoms. Following a PCOS diet list can help in the process and provide your body with the fuel it needs to get in better shape.