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6 Winter Outfit Every Outdoorsy Women Should Have

winter outfit – Winter is fast approaching. Therefore, you may have to take out your winter clothing. Most people abandon outdoor activities in winter because of the harsh weather conditions. However, this does not have to be the case. With an ideal winter closet, you can go about your outdoor activities while staying safe and healthy. Below are some winter outfits every outdoorsy woman should own;

A thick long Cardigan

This is a good layering piece for outdoor activities. A thick long cardigan will make a significant part of your camping outfit or outfit for running outdoor errands in winter. You can pair it with a cute outfit underneath, like a pair of pants and a warm shirt. A thick long cardigan will help keep you warm and fashionable in winter.

Coat and Jeans

There are numerous ways you can create a fashionable and sophisticated winter outfit for going out on dates and working with a coat and a pair of jeans. For instance, a pastel coat and a pair of jeans would be great for both casual and official events. You can pair the outfit with a pair of ankle boots. You can also go the extra mile and wear boy-cut jeans to show off your shoes. You can also wear a puffer coat and leggings as a camping outfit. This pairing will create a trendy and warm look that will keep you safe as you camp or partake in other outdoor activities. If you are into making fashion statements with every outfit, you can wear a leopard print coat and basic jeans. This outfit is bound to attract attention as you go about your outdoor activities.

Leather Jacket and Pants

A leather jacket is a must-have winter clothing article. Depending on your needs, you can wear the jacket to various events and places. The market features different styles and colors of leather jackets that you can explore. Pairing a leather jacket with pants or a long dress will give you a trendy and attractive look that you can rock for outdoor activities. The best thing about leather jackets is that they can transition to other seasons.

Hooded Raincoat and Pants

A hooded raincoat would also come in handy in winter. It offers a practical, cool, and protective layer for a rainy day. The good thing about a raincoat is that it is usually made from a lightweight and water-resistant material that is easy to fold and slip in your tote, camping, or hiking bag. This way, even you are never caught unprepared while outdoors. You can pair your raincoat with a pair of pants.

Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is also a great outfit for winter. Many people assume that they cannot wear dresses to outdoor activities, especially in winter. However, this is not always the case. A knitted sweater dress is cozy, comfortable, and stylish enough to wear to outdoor activities like picnics in winter.

Waterproof Jacket and Trouser

Every woman needs hiking outfits like waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers in their winter closet. In winter, a waterproof outfit will come in handy, especially when partaking in outdoor activities. This way, you are protected from the humidity and rain. When choosing your winter jacket, whether it is waterproof or not, you must ensure that it is lightweight. A lightweight jacket will allow you to participate in camping and hiking activities. You may also want to consider the materials used to make the jacket since they affect its quality, efficiency, and life span.


The outfit you choose for your outdoor winter activities will depend on your style, needs, and occasion. However, the pieces listed above can come in handy for a variety of applications and your styles.