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Highlighter: Definition, Types, Differences, between products And More


Highlighter marker is a writing instrument used to draw attention to text sections by highlighting them with a light, semi-transparent color. A typical highlighter is a fluorescent yellow with Pirani.

What is an illuminator?

The illuminator is a more transparent and fluid medium without a reflective backing. They are made of medium to large sequins in white, pink, or beige. There are also dried windows that look like shiny powder. Its texture is very light, so nothing is felt on the skin. Makeup artists often apply it in a cream, creating a kind of base for foundation. This is how the “glow of the skin” works from the inside. The product should be applied with a brush, it is not recommended to apply it with your fingers, as the shimmer may be uneven. But you can use a highlighter as well as finishing touches to freshen up your face.

Types of Highlighters

When Rihanna’s song plays, we always think she’s talking about a new face marker. We all want that natural “inner glow” on our faces, right? Because contouring, strobing, and baking is taking the online makeup obsession to new heights, and we’re here to do it! There is nothing better than bright makeup that will add to your natural shine when applied in the right places.

Luminescent Powder

The “original” method uses a powder highlighter for a smoother, smoother application. You can use it anywhere for an overall wet finish, but remember to mix, stir.

Mineralized Skin MAC

  • A velvety soft shimmering powder with mineral base for a radiant shine
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Contains MAC 77 mineral complex and vitamin E.
  • Long-wearing and suitable for all skin types.
  • Available in five different colors.

Lakme Absolute

  • This limited-edition highlighter palette has a subtle sheen that will add some red carpet sparkle to your look.
  • Available in two colors: pink and coral.
  • The colors are pigmented and long-lasting.
  • Easy to mix
  • It’s super cheap

Highlighter Powder Bobbi Brown

  • This reflective highlighter gives your face a high-impact, dreamy glow.
  • After foundation, apply eyeshadow and eyeliner upward to the temples for a bright and vibrant color effect.
  • Available in two colors: Pink Glow and Bronze Glow.
  • Combines perfectly

Liquid highlighter

They are very versatile, whether you are an amateur or a professional! All you need is a small amount of the product to give it radiance and an instant glow. Liquid highlighters are more pigmented than their powder counterparts, so you can use them to highlight specific areas of your face.

Differences between products

While these agents have a purpose, they act in different ways on the skin. And use them on other parts of the face. Highlighter has been applied to the protruding parts to make them stand out even better. This product applies to, for example, the cheekbones, a tip of the nose, mites on the lip, chin, bridge of the nose, and something on the forehead. The highlighter is applied to the entire face to refresh the skin and give it an inner glow.