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Managing Adderall Crash: 10 Important Things To Help You Overcome It

Adderall crash

Some drugs are not recreational or illegal. Some could find in your regular dispensaries and, at times, even without a prescription.

Now, it is easy to guess your thoughts. But, how can something that is so easily available be so dangerous?

This is where the concept of prescribed and non-prescribed drugs comes in.

Also known as pill addiction, this is where we try to get all the addictive elements from a certain medicine. One such abused substance is called Adderall. Adderall crash is when you stop taking the drug and encounter all the worse withdrawal issues.

In this excerpt below, we will be learning how to Manage the Adderall crash. But, before that, we have to learn what Adderall addiction is and what Adderall Crash is.

What Is Adderall Addiction?

Adderall is popularly known as the ‘study drug.’ This is a well-known drug that is prescribed to patients who suffer from Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder.

Since ADHD patients suffer from an attention deficiency, and they are not able to keep their concentration for a longer time, they prescribe these medicines in a controlled quantity to provide attention for a certain amount of time.

The amphetamine in the magazine essentially gives heightened energy for concentration, but its effects are not long-lasting.

Adderall addiction is when you consume an unnecessary non-prescribed quantity of this drug, mostly to give you an insane amount of energy for your studies or work; you can get addicted to the effects of this drug.

Mood elevation is also one of this drug’s side effects, which can create dependency. If you find yourself a victim of this drug addiction, then consult a detoxification centre today- click to find out more.

What Is an Adderall Crash?

Adderall Crash happens when you are planning on cutting down this drug, or it can happen even during the intervals of consumption. This is when you feel extremely sleepy, lethargic, and fatigued.

No amount of caffeinated drink can combat this effect, and the only solution is to take more Adderall. This just makes the whole situation worse as you are getting more addicted.

The other side effects will include excessive craving for food, sudden crankiness from every activity, lashing out because of exhaustion, difficulty in concentration, etc.

However, Adderall crashes are not just among people who take an illegal amount of it. It can also happen to an ADHD patient when their prescription ends.

10 Ways To Manage Adderall Crashing

We have gathered the top ten ways you can prevent or fight an Adderall crashing. These have been collected from psychiatrists and doctors all over the world who have worked on cases and have prescribed this drug to patients.

1. Do Not Take Them Without Prescription

One cannot stress this problem enough. Drugs that contain amphetamine should always take in small doses and under the strict supervision of a medical professional. These are not an exaggerated substitute for coffee.

So stop taking them when you have a big essay to complete, or you have to pull an all-nighter because of a work presentation tomorrow. To warn you, the effect of Adderall won’t last this long. They would most probably wear off in a few hours.

As a result, you have to consume more, which will create so many mental health and physical issues later.

2. Have A Good Sleep

Have A Good Sleep

Being tired and fatigued during work time have one common reason, you are probably not getting enough sleep. Night sleep should be at least six to seven hours for you to have an energized day.

If you have already consumed Adderall and are now feeling the crash effects, then it suggest that you sleep in time and get your sleep cycle in order.

3. Do Not Consume Other Substances

If you are someone who prescribe this medicine, and you do not consume more than the amount restricted to, then try cutting down other substances.

Substances like alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are known as stimulants. Which means they can make the effects of an Adderall crash even worse. If you are already feeling the negative mental health signs of this condition, then these stimulants can induce more anxiety.

4. Get Exercise

There is a myth that exercise will drain you out of energy. They can definitely make you physically exhausted, but you will be more energized after a cold shower than ever.

This is because exercise releases endorphins which are happy hormones, and they are known to promote motivation in work.

5. Take a Break

The exhaustion that you are feeling might not be because of the Adderall crash. It could be a contributing factor, but most of it is because you have overworked yourself.

This is your cue to keep your work aside and go take a walk. Overworking yourself under the influence of this drug will either make you more fatigued or consume more of it.

6. Consult Your Doctor

If you feel an Adderall crash even after taking the prescribed amount, this could be a sign of your body rejecting the medicine entirely.

You should talk to your doctor and think of an alternative drug that doesn’t have such drastic effects.

7. Have A Healthy Diet

Make green vegetables, almonds, and berries and staple them in your diet. These are known to be the best food items that boost your energy levels. With an increased energy level, your concentration will increase.

The adverse effects of the Adderall crash will also subside.

8. Drinks A Lots Of Fluid

Drinks A Lots Of Fluid

It is hard to believe that something as simple as drinking water can do wonders for our bodies. It elevates our mood levels and increases our energy.

Keeping yourself hydrated could be an excellent method to manage an Adderall crash.

9. Ask for Help From Family

If you find yourself experiencing all the worst effects of an Adderall crash, then this might be something severe.

You should immediately talk to a close one to help you because panic attacks are one of the extreme effects of Adderall.

10. Get A Detoxification Treatment

Have you started taking Adderall and now feeling that rush of addiction? If you have been struggling with this for quite some time, then this can be serious.

If you don’t know what to do, then enroll yourself in a detox center, and get the proper treatment.

Final Note

Adderall crashes can cause by addiction or a regular prescription. For any ADHD patient, consulting your doctor is an efficient way to get out of it.

If you find yourself with too many withdrawal symptoms, then do not feel hopeless. There are people who can give you the proper supervision to help you overcome it.