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5 Tips to Choose the Right Hairpiece Toupee

Wearing a toupee brings confidence to men suffering from extreme hair loss and thinning. Choosing the right hairpiece toupee, however, is a tedious task if you are a first-time buyer. Since a lack of proper information can lead to the wrong hairpiece purchase, we partnered with Lordhair to create this quick guide, so you can pick out the right toupee the first time!

Read on and discover our top tips to choose the right hairpiece for men and make your very first purchase phenomenal:

Choose the Hairpiece Type

While human hair toupees are the latest trend amongst men because of their natural finish and real hair, synthetic hairpieces are also available on the market. When it comes to pricing, human hair hairpieces are slightly costlier than artificial wigs but experienced wearers say that they are worth the price.

Long story short, your first decision has to be about the hairpiece type!

Identify your Hair Loss Type 

While hair loss in some men is limited only to the front of the scalp, others experience overall thinning. These are not the only two hair loss patterns. There are many others and your hairpiece will depend on your unique hair loss pattern.

There’s a partial toupee for hair loss limited to a specific region and there’s a regular-sized hair toupee for overall thinning. Choose which one works best for you.

Decide your Cap Construction

The wig cap plays a major role in deciding the comfort of the hairpiece. Wig hair is attached to the cap (aka base) via different methods and constructions. Each has its own advantages and you should be aware of the popular options before purchasing.

Below are the most common toupee cap types:

  • Monofilament: Naturalness, versatility, and multi-directional styling
  • Lace front: Natural hairline, realistic look, and thin skin. Made from French lace or Swiss lace, the crown can be in any other material.
  • Full cap: Complete coverage and widely used for medical hair loss

 Analyze your lifestyle

Hairpiece needs of a sportsperson vary from men in corporate jobs. While stronger grip and sweat resistance is important for the prior, comfort matters more to the latter. Taking the weather into account also helps in choosing the right non surgical hair replacement solution.

Focusing on your lifestyle is not something that most guides will recommend but it’s super important to make the right hairpiece decision!

Think about your Hairstyle 

While you will rarely get compliments on the above details, your hairstyle will get more than its due attention. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with it. Depending on your face shape (oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear, or oblong), there are a lot of styling options to choose from.

If you plan to order a custom hairpiece, then, hairstyle selection will be a decision you will have to make at the beginning itself. Study your face cut and choose the best hairdo for yourself.

Note that some bases do not suit a swept-back front hairline, however, lace front hairpieces are a popular option for those wanting a sweep back.

Visit an Online Wig Store

Buying a hairpiece for the first time? We highly recommend going through a reputable and experienced online store before making your first purchase. Online stores have a huge catalog of stock hairpieces that will help you have a decent idea of what will work best for you. Reputable online sellers are also able to cut out the middleman and bring the same quality at more affordable prices.

While browsing an online shop, the biggest benefit is privacy and ease of shopping since first-time buyers sometimes hesitate to buy a hair system in public. Online, you can enjoy the experience from the comfort of your home where you don’t feel any apprehension about wearing a hairpiece.

Start your Toupee Journey

Above tips will help you choose the perfect hairpiece toupee in the very first purchase. We highly recommend human hair systems to people who are buying a wig for the first time.

Lordhair uses premium materials to design premium hair replacement systems that meet international quality and safety standards. Visit their online store to start browsing.