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Telehealth uses digital information and communication technologies to access health care services and manage your health care remotely. Technologies can comprise computers and mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It could be the technology you use at home. Or a nurse or other healthcare professional can provide telehealth services from a doctor’s office or mobile van, such as in rural areas. Telehealth can also be technology your health care provider uses to recover or support health care services. To submit your article or draft, send us an email at

The Potential of Telehealth

Technology has the potential to improve the excellence of healthcare. And technology can create it more accessible for more people to get care.

Telehealth may offer ways to make healthcare more efficient, better coordinated, and closer to home. You can virtually tour anywhere, like at home or in your car. And you don’t have to travel to access a virtual tour.

Telehealth can help allow you to stay home if you are sick or have difficulty moving. You can employ telehealth if you live far from a medical center. And many people have been able to distance themselves from others at home while receiving care during the COVID-19 pandemic. And providers can diagnose and luxury COVID-19 remotely.

Virtual tours can also offer you the option of meeting with specialists who do not live where you live.

The Limits of Telehealth

Telehealth has the potential to coordinate care better. But you also risk gaps in care, overuse of medical care, inappropriate use of medications, or unnecessary care. Providers cannot do an in-person physical exam, which can affect diagnosis.

The Limits of Telehealth
Other factors, such as cost, may limit the potential benefits of telehealth services. Insurance reimbursement for telehealth may vary by state and type of insurance in the United States. But insurance continues to grow for telehealth services in the United States. And during the COVID-19 virus, insurance restrictions changed for a while. Check with your insurance business to find out which providers have virtual tours covered by insurance.

Additionally, some people who need better access to care may be limited because they do not have admission to the Internet or a mobile device. People without Internet access can access telehealth services using the Internet available in public places. For example, libraries or community centres may offer wireless internet for virtual tours that can be done in private rooms.

Sometimes technology doesn’t work well. It is essential to have a plan with your provider to call them on the phone if there is a problem with the virtual tour.

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