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Tattoo Write For Us – Submission Guest Post

Tattoo Write For Us

A tattoo is a form of body modification performed by inserting tattoo ink, dyes, and pigments, either permanent or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design. Tattoo artists create these designs using various tattoo processes and techniques, including traditional manual tattoos and modern tattoo machines. The history of tattoos dates back to the Neolithic, practiced worldwide by many cultures, and the symbolism and impact of tattoos vary by place and culture. And also, please mail us at to submit an article related to Fashion.

Types of Tattoo

Types of Tattoo

1. Classic American Tattoo

This may be the first kind of tattoo you think of, an old-school style defined by bold outlines and the use of similar colors and imagery. They are closely linked to oceanic and nautical imagery, female pinup figures, ferocious predators, or combinations of hearts, roses, and daggers. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins popularized the style of tattooing in the 1930s, but today it’s a consistent choice, exemplified by Frankie Caraccioli of Kings Avenue Tattoo.

2. New School Tattoo Style

New School tattoos are like a crazy cartoon on your body. Jesse Smith’s work is famous in this category, depicting fabulous fantasy worlds full of chaos and often characterized by brightly colored animals.

3. Japanese Tattoo Style

As we showed you in a previous article, there are centuries of history in the art of tattooing all over the world. The one that has maintained its popularity is the Japanese Irezumi style. Tattoo artists are constantly creating traditional and new versions of these classic masterpieces. And it is a genre mainly known for large images that cover the back, arms, and legs.

Here, Chris O’Donnell from New York shows this style’s traditional images of animals, flowers, and samurai.

4. Black and Gray Tattoo Style

Black and gray images are not so limited by theme. They represent anything and everything realistically in shades of gray, achieved initially by diluting black ink to create a spectrum of tones. Jessica Mascitti of Los Angeles’ East Side Tattoo shows us great examples of different types of work in a genre that can span a wide range of styles.

5. Portrait Tattoo

Shane O’Neill shows us just how realistic tattoos can get with portraits of him, a subset of the realism genre (that’s what it sounds like realistic renderings of images). Without the black outlines of several of the more classic styles, artists can achieve eerily accurate depictions of people in both color and black and gray.

How to Submit A Guest Post on Tattoo Write For Us?

Once your item meets our guidelines, you can send the posts related to Fashion to We look forward to hearing from you. After submission, our group will review it, check if the content is unique, and approve it.

Tattoo Write For Us


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