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What Substance Abuse Does To Your Physical Appearance?

Many people tend to attribute drug or substance abuse to the impairment of one’s mental wellbeing. However, that’s not true at all. Aside from your psychological health, it can affect your physical condition as well.

For example, some drugs can increase the risk of an acne outburst, while others might change your overall outlook altogether. Remain reading this article till the end to find out more about it!

How Do Drugs Affect Your Physical Appearance?

According to the Pinnacle Recovery official website, moderate usage of drugs doesn’t affect your physical appearance much at all. Nonetheless, it will start affecting you if you use them continuously. Here’s what you require to know about them.

Problem – 1: Acne Outburst

Drugs, particularly meth, can damage the cells living under your skin. It, in turn, can increase the risk of having a dull epidermis and an acne outburst. Aside from this, you may also feel like insects are crawling under the skin and, thus, start picking on it. It may, sometimes, lead to sores, self-inflicted wounds, and scars as well.

Problem – 2: Lose Weight

In essence, drugs do not cause weight loss directly. However, most people, who are addicted to drugs, tend to stop eating or following the correct diet structure for some reason. It, in turn, can make you lose weight without any possible sense. Continuous drug abuse may also prompt you to have no appetite at all. Hence, you may start skipping meals as well.

Problem – 3: Baldness

Consuming a massive amount of drugs regularly can decrease the blood flow rate in your brain and the cells residing in it. It, sequentially, can lead to premature baldness in both men and women. Besides your head, this issue can also be quite prominent in your legs and beard. Baldness is usually caused by drugs like meth and cocaine.

You can obviously take care of this by using essential oils. However, it won’t matter until you treat your addiction problem first!

Problem – 4: Damaged Nose

Aside from prompting baldness, cocaine can also damage your nose pretty eminently. For instance, when you snort the drug through your nose, it starts killing the cells in the cartilage. This issue may result in weakening your sense of smell and cause nose bleeding. In severe cases, you might experience breathing issues as well.

Problem – 5: Affects Your Development

If you have started using drugs from your teenage years, then it may affect your overall growth or development massively. For example, you may not stop growing and end up not reaching your full adult height in any way. Besides, it’ll mess up your hormones and prevent the development of your bodily organs too.

Problem – 6: Gum Disease And Rotten Teeth

Drugs, more specifically meth, can lead to teeth clenching and dry mouth due to less amount of saliva production. Hence, if you are not careful sufficient, you may end up losing all of your teeth prematurely. Aside from this, it can also lead to bad breath, rotten teeth, as well as gum infection as well. Meth can also cause mouth cancer if the addiction isn’t treated quickly.

Problem – 7: Changes In Color

Injecting too much heroin in your skin can cause gradual discolouration of the organ. At first, the injected place becomes grey and, then, turns to dark or pale slowly. The skin color on your face may start getting washed out after prolonged usage of the drugs. Finally, substance abuse can also increase the risk of skin aging to some extent.

Problem – 8: Soft Tissue Infection

Intaking drugs regularly can weaken your immune system pretty eminently. Therefore, it becomes impossible for your body to combat infection. The scars on your skin or body will also take quite some time to heal the ailment. Continuous consumption of drugs can also worsen your condition even more and lead to skin cancer as well.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

In the previous section, we have explained how substance abuse can affect your health. However, in this one, we will focus on some of the queries that might appear in your mind after going through the whole piece. Let’s get started!

How Do Drugs Affect Your Appearance?

In essence, drugs can affect your skin tone and make it discoloured. Additionally, you may also experience acne breakout at some point in your life. In severe luggage, it may also lead to skin cancer, if you don’t treat your addiction correctly.

What Drug Causes Acne Breakout?

Usually, androgenic steroids, DHEA, and meth tend to cause acne breakout in your skin. They usually do so by reducing the overall moisture in the skin, which, in turn, leads to the titular issue. It may prompt the development of scars and other related topics too.

What Are The Effects Of Substance Abuse On Personal Health?

If you are addicted to drug abuse and tend to consume the same regularly, you may experience the following issues –

  • You will lose your appetite and stop eating.
  • The issue of weight loss will become much more prominent than before.
  • An event of acne breakout will occur on your face or throughout the body.

Aside from this, in severe cases, it can also put an immense amount of strain on your liver. Brain damage, confusion, and seizures can become prominent in this case as well.

Final Thoughts

Substance abuse, in essence, can affect your health massively.

Hence, if you have already acknowledged this issue in your case, make sure to find a treatment centre for your purpose today!

They can lead you back to everyday life pretty quickly and help you create an ideal diet structure. Hence, by following the same, you will start gaining more strength and become more efficient in both personal and professional life.

In any case, now, we’ll be finishing up our article. If you have any queries regarding our article, be sure to ask us in the comment section below. We will try to answer all of them to the best of our knowledge!