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Setting Spray – What is it? Importance, How to Choose?, Tips and More

What is Setting Spray?

A Setting Spray is essentially a liquid-based formula made up of ingredients that extend the life of your makeup. The purpose of it is to ensure that your makeup stays put and shows through, protecting against blemishes, wrinkles, or discoloration so that it looks as fresh as it did when applied for the first time.

It fixes your makeup; A good spray keeps makeup in place, so it looks the same as how you applied it. It uses an ingredient that forms a protective veil over makeup from stains, water or sweat, and fading. You can also enhance the look of your makeup by creating the finish you want, whether it’s wet, matte, or shiny.

While the setting powder helps remove excess oil and smooths the surface, it adds moisture to your appearance, which means it is a good option for those with dry skin. Plus, it also provides a softer addition and a look to look at your makeup.

Importance of Setting Spray

For makeup to last longer, it is necessary. Just as hairspray keeps your strands in place, or a topcoat keeps your perfect manicure from chipping, this offers the same protection and longevity for your makeup and  apply as the final step in everyday makeup.

Use it after foundation as the final step in your makeup routine. Not only is it effective in maintaining foundation, but a setting spray also holds in all makeup, including eyes, lips, and foundation, so spray all over the face on all cosmetics.  While some sprays double as a primer, not all offer the same soothing benefits. So be sure to read the directions for the formula you choose.

How to Choose Setting Spray?

As with all skincare and cosmetic products, you need to choose the right tightening for you based on your skin type. Choose an alcohol-free that won’t irritate or dry out the dermis if you have sensitive skin. Alternatively, opt for a mattifying one for acne-prone or oily skin that will help control shine by absorbing excess sebum to keep your complexion balanced. For dry skin, a hydrating or hydrating finishing spray will be best to lock in moisture and hold it in throughout the day.

How to Use Setting Spray?

  • Apply as the initial step of your beauty routine
  • Once you complete creating your look, apply it
  • Read the instructions on the bottle, as some may require agitation to activate the formula before use.
  • Make sure your eyes close when you apply them to avoid irritation.
  • Then hold it about 8 inches from your face and spray evenly on your face and neck where makeup is left to set.

Tips for Applying Setting Spray

The following are the tips to apply:

Spray a foundation brush and run it lightly over your skin to set the makeup well and make sure it covers your entire face. Keep the finishing spray at least six inches away from your face with cross and cross-motions.

After spraying, use a makeup sponge to “lightly squeeze” the spray into the makeup.

Turn your powdered eyeshadow into an eyeliner by spraying the hairs of your thin eyeliner brush with the finishing spray.

You can also “pop your eyeshadow” by spraying the bristles of your eye shadow brush.

Leave your makeup-setting spray in your full-size refrigerator or mini skincare refrigerator for a “cooling and soothing effect”.

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