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Beautiful Pattu Pavadai Designs 2024 For Kids

Nothing is cuter than little kids running around in their pattu pavadais during the South Indian festive season, okay? But who’s to say we can’t experiment with pattu pavadai designs 2024! Pattu pavadai designs 2024 models for boys will never go out of style.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for trendy pattu pavadai designs 2024 for girls. So let’s dive! This article will explore some of the cutest kids’ pattu pavadai designs 2024 that Binks can sew for you.

Beautiful Pattu Pavadai Design 2024 for Kids

1. Pattu pavadai with a Peplum Blouse

One of the cutest patterns of pattu pavadai 2024 for girls is the one with the peplum or sattai style top. You can get the peplum-style blouse sewn in solid color silk fabric or even cotton. Adding zari fabric to the peplum pleats will make the pattu pavadai more adorable.

2. Pattu Pavadai in Contrasting Colors and Blouse with Puff Sleeves

Another beautiful pattu pavadai sattai design is the puff sleeve blouse. Choosing silk fabrics in contrasting colors for the bodice and pavadai makes the whole outfit stand out and look ready for the part.

Pattu Pavadai Designs 2019

3. Pattu Pavadai Designs 2024 with Backless Blouse

If you are looking for more contemporary pattu pavadai 2024 designs for girls, you should opt for a halter neck design for the blouse. And also if you are looking for pattu pavadai for babies, this design is the one for you as it looks super cute!

4. Monochrome Pattu Pavadai Designs 2024

Another beautiful and elegant pattu pavadai design for 2024 is the monochrome look where the blouse and the pavadai are sewn from the same fabric or fabrics of the same color. It looks excellent when looking for brightly colored silk fabrics.

5. Pattu Pavadai with Can-Can

If you are tired of dressing your child in a traditional straight cut pattu pavadai, you have to try the pattu pavadai cancan for girls. And also a cancan is a soft mesh-like material sewn into the pavadai to give it a more eye-catching and dramatic look and make your children look like princesses.

6. Mother-Daughter Pairing Pattu Pavadai Designs 2024

Mother-Daughter Pairing Pattu Pavadai

Don’t we all go “awwww” when we see these adorable mother-daughter sister outfits? Let us know your pattu pavadai pairing ideas and we’ll have the outfits sewn for you! You can have something similar sewn for you and your kids at Binks.

Sew your Child’s Pattu Pavadai Designs 2024 at Binks

At Binks, we aim to make your dreams of pattu pavadai designs 2024 accurate. You have to come to us with your pattu pavadai design inspirations and engage in a quick consultation call with our in-house designers. And that’s all! We bring the dress to your doorstep.

Pattu Pavadai Designs 2024 FAQs

What is a Pattu Pavadai?

Pattu pavadai a traditional South Indian dress wear by young and adolescent girls. It consists of a long skirt (pavadai) with pleats tied at the waist, usually in silk fabric (pattu). And also, it associate with a blouse or a sattai.

How much does it cost to sew a Pattu Pavadai?

At Binks, you can get pattu pavadai for babies (0-1 years old) sewn at Rs 999 and the same for toddlers (1-6 years old) sewn at Rs 1199. And also additional charges apply for stitching in thick fabric, the trimmings/swags, and the cancan.

Where can I sew a Pattu Pavadai in Chennai?

You can get pattu pavadai sewn at Binks, an online sewing service for women and children. We ship to all over India: We will deliver the sets to your doorstep within 5-15 working days. All of our customer experience is online, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of going to a tailor in these uncertain times.

What is Langa Voni called in English?

Called Langa Voni in Telugu, Pattu Pavadai Daavani in Tamil, and Langa Davani in Kannada, this outfit is worn by women who have gone through puberty and are eligible for marriage.

It is also call a two-piece saree or a half lehenga in English.

What is Pattu Pavadai Dress?

What is Pattu Pavadai Dress?
Pattu Pavadai is a traditional ethnic dress from South India, especially Andhra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. They are made from famous silk fabrics like Kancheepuram, Sirumugai, Banaras. And also the Pavada Pattu consider a perfect costume for cultural festivals and other traditional festivals.

Why do Girls Wear Pavadai?

Silk makes it a material primarily intended for parties and receptions. And also young girls mostly wear this outfit at festivals or big receptions. When one visits the southern lands of India, one can see dazzling maidens in shades of this beautiful attire at weddings.

What is Pavda?

Go the ethnic route with a children’s salwar kameez, children’s lehenga choli, or children’s Pavda clothing. These Lehenga cholis make up of a short top and flowy skirt. And also a traditional southern attire, Pavda clothing looks great on girls.

What is the Petticoat for?

In historical and modern contexts, petticoat refers to skirt-like undergarments worn for warmth or to give the skirt or dress the desired attractive shape.

How to Choose a Petticoat?

Check the length of your skirts and the skirts of your dresses. And also it is the only way to know how long your petticoat should be.

If you do NOT want your petticoat to be visible under your skirt, please choose a length at least 5cm shorter than your skirt.

Which petticoat is the best?

For everyday wear, cotton fabrics are the most comfortable choice for saree petticoats.

A silk or satin petticoat is best for a formal saree, especially if the saree is sheer. If you opt for a fitted petticoat, a satin petticoat would be the best fabric choice.

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