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How Does Natural Breast Augmentation Differ from Breast Implants?

There are numerous methods for augmenting or enlarging the breasts. The most popular method is to insert saline or silicone breast implants. However, with natural breast augmentation fat transfer from your own body. This fat remove from either the abdominal region or waist and placed inside the breast to make them larger.

Because the patient’s own fat is transferred, the procedure is known as natural breast augmentation. Continue reading to study how to tell the difference between natural breast augmentation and silicone/saline breast implants.

What Are the Benefits of Natural Breast Augmentation?

The security of utilizing the patient’s fat tissue is what makes this procedure so beneficial.  Breasts are primarily composing of fat as well as mammary glands. When fat is transferred to the breasts,  they grow bigger in size with the tissue in which they are composed of.

Another fantastic advantage of using the patient’s own fat for breast augmentation is they will feel and appear completely natural. As stated earlier, the fat take from the abdominal region primarily, although it can take from any part of the body that has plenty of fat. You will not only notice improvement in the breast area but also the parts of the body where fat was removed.

An additional benefit of natural breast augmentation is that two very small punctures are made to infuse the fat in the breast tissue. This means that no scars will be left. On the other hand, with silicone and saline breast implants, scars will always be left. Regular breast surgery like breast augmentation is not a quick fix for enhancing your breasts. In other words, it will take a few weeks or months before you completely recover from the procedures.

Can Natural Breast Augmentation Make My Breasts Bigger? How Much Does it Cost?

If you desire to be at least two cup sizes larger, then saline or silicone breast implants is your best option. Saline and silicone implants will also work best for those that are very thin and do not have a significant amount of fat in the abdomen area.

Natural breast augmentation may cost a bit more than other breast implants. This is due to the amount of time it takes to transfer the fat. Also, it produces results in not only the breasts but also other areas of the body. Every person’s circumstance differs, which is why you should contact your cosmetic surgeon regarding the price of the procedure.

How Long Does Natural Breast Augmentation Procedure Take?

During natural breast augmentation, liposuction using to remove fat from other parts of the body, processed, and then transfused into the breasts. This can take up to no more than three hours. However, with silicone and saline breast implant surgery, it can complete in as little as an hour.

Am I Qualified For This Breast Procedure?

During your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will determine if natural breast augmentation is right for you. Overall, good candidates for natural breast augmentation:

  • Do not smoke
  • Are in great health
  • Desire a small change to their breast size
  • Have breasts that irregularly-shape
  • Have reasonable goals and expectations

Will My Body Absorb Fat From My New Breasts?

Unfortunately, the body will absorb up to 40% of the transferred fat. This taking into consideration when deciding the amount that needs to inject. It is critical not to assume that the initial look of your breast right after the procedure will be your end outcome. You will also notice a decrease in swelling as you begin to recover.


Natural breast augmentation may be the best option for you if you want to slightly increase the size of your breasts. This surgical procedure entails the transfer of significant amounts of fat from the abdominal area or other parts of the body and into the breast tissue. This makes the breasts appear moderately larger and more natural. For maximum results, it is essential you choose a surgeon that can perform a natural breast enhancement.

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