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Medical Gloves: Definition, Types, About, Examination, And More

Definition Medical Gloves

Medical gloves help prevent cross-contamination between patients and their caregivers while protecting them from hazardous chemicals and bacteria. For maximum safety, it is vital to choose suitable gloves and use them correctly.

When purchasing disposable gloves, there are many options available to you to meet different needs. The level of protection, comfort, durability and more will vary by glove type, including latex, nitrile, and vinyl. With so many options, the decision to make can be overwhelming, so let’s take a look and see why there are so many changed types to start with. Once you figure this out, choosing gloves becomes a lot easier.

Types of Medical GlovesTypes of Medical Gloves

Regardless of your responsibilities as a healthcare professional, you will likely need to wear appropriate protective equipment. These devices include disposable gloves that protect hands and prevent skin contact with harsh chemicals, blood-borne pathogens, and other dangerous substances. Gloves should also have high puncture resistance, as most healthcare professionals work with scalpels, surgical instruments, and needles.


Healthcare professionals working as caregivers should protect themselves and others from cross-contamination during examinations and procedures. Examination gloves do not have to made of the highest quality or thickest material. They are available in latex, vinyl, or nitrile with a thickness that meets the needs of workers who need examination gloves. They are ideal for use in unsanitary situations and can be disposed of after each service.

Examination Medical Gloves

Surgical and examination gloves are medical gloves for use in medical procedures.

Medical examination gloves can used for patient exams and blood tests. These gloves also used as general resolve gloves to control incontinence, daily spills, and clutter in and around the home.

Surgical surgeons and nurses wear surgical gloves. These disposable gloves have to meet higher quality standards and are usually sterile because they are used for surgical interventions. Surgical gloves offer a better fit with more precise size and a greater sense of touch.


Double glove

The use of two gloves or two layers of gloves offers significantly better puncture protection of the inside of the glove and thus reduces the risk of infection that punctures or punctures can cause.

At work

Suppose you own a nursing home, daycare center, or clinic. In that case, you can encourage your staff to wear gloves consistently by offering a wide variety of sizes so that all staff can find an easy fit and have enough dispensers throughout the facility to have a new pair of gloves available.

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