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15 Mason Jar Crafts To Make Extra Money

15 Mason Jar Crafts To Make Extra Money

Mason Jar Crafts – All homes have at least one mason jar collection. Did you know, though, that you might be able to sell some of those jars for a profit?

The majority of the materials for these mason jar crafts ideas for sale may be purchased from a dollar store, reducing your upfront investment to almost nothing.

Many individuals are willing to pay a high price for a one-of-a-kind and aesthetically pleasing mason jar craft, making this a potentially lucrative industry. Just make sure you verify your local norms and regulations before you start selling anything.

Below are some of our favorite thoughts for making and selling mason jars bulk items on Etsy, local flea markets, and other venues to bring in some extra income.

1. Wind Chimes In Mason Jars

Making wind chimes out of Mason jars is another enjoyable DIY project. This theme has countless permutations, so let your imagination go wild!

Bob Vila’s DIY design for a gorgeous glass wind chime out of a Mason jar is adorable, and his instructions for making one are clear and straightforward.

2. Toothbrush Holder Mason Jar

This Mason jar toothbrush holder is excellent for the bathroom. It’s a simple task that won’t take more than a few minutes to complete. The step-by-step guide is available on the blog Country Chic Cottage if you want to try it yourself. DIY jar project doubles as a place to store pens and pencils

3. Flowers In Vases

You may construct some stunning flower jar decorations using 3-D glue dots, paint, and metallic paint, gold or silver. They can be made to look more stylish by wrapping them with rope or burlap and then applying hot glue. You may get gold leaf kits online and use them to give your vases a gilded look.

4. Mason Jar Money Saver

One of the cutest and most ingenious uses for a Mason jar is as a piggy bank. If you paint the container pink instead of white, it makes a great accessory for a little girl’s nursery or a kind present for a baby shower. The mason jar piggy box works the best to save money just like a quality rigid box material. It’s safe, spacious, and pretty as well.

Mason jar lids with pre-cut slots, already sanded and smoothed, that are safe for children can purchase in packs if you don’t want to go to the trouble of cutting the slot in the lid yourself.

5. Jars Adorned With Glittering Gold Lids

This glittering gold mason jar is perfect for storing flowers, cosmetics tools, or anything else a princess would need. It’s simple to produce and will undoubtedly be in high demand.

6. Reusable Magnetic Spice Racks

These magnetic spice holders are perfect for bringing order to a chaotic kitchen. Kitchen hobbyists would also appreciate receiving one of these containers as a present. Also, you may add some flair to the spice jars by decorating them with blackboard stickers.

7. Tissue Dispensers

Sick of hiding your Kleenex box? Craft these simple and adorable DIY mason jar holders to keep your jars neat and tidy. Everyone should be able to do this task.

8. Holiday Lights In A Jar

What a sweet way to spruce up plain old Mason jars! The addition of galvanized cable and tea lights creates a quick decoration that may be left up all year long in the backyard.

9. Glass Jar Picture Frame

Put your favorite photo in a Mason jar with some vegetable oil, add some dried flowers, and get yourself a stunning and distinctive photo display.

10. Decorative Snowglobes For The Holidays

If you want to make and sell snowglobes, the best time to do so is around the holiday season, when people are penetrating for the perfect present.

Candy, hot chocolate mix, and other treats can be stored in these Mason jars and transformed into Christmas ornaments using transparent plastic Christmas ornaments made by high-end medical plastic injection molding techniques. They’re a great way to spread seasonal brightness and joy, and kids will go crazy for them.

11. Dispenser For Twine

If you’re in the commerce of handing out twine, you know how quickly it can get twisted. This DIY will come in very handy for keeping your twine in order, untangled, and easily accessible. A mason jar, some screws, and a lid with a daisy cut are all you need.

12. Flaming Tiki Torches Of Varying Colors

Mason jars can be readily transformed into vibrant tiki torches with the use of colored citronella oil. Those pesky bugs will not like the torches, but your clients will.

13. Crochet Cover For A Jar Of Mason Jelly

This easy crochet pattern is ideal for those just getting started with the craft. You may make them in any shade or palette to complement your existing kitchen accessories. The video description includes the crochet pattern for the jar embellishment.

14. Homemade Receptacles For Fragrant Air

You can use these A Life Adjacent diamonds to spruce up any small room, whether it’s your car, laundry room, bathroom, or elsewhere. Essential oils and a few other simple materials use to create them.

15. Garden Of Herbs

Herb gardens at home can brighten up a room and even more so when their fragrant and flavorful herbs are used in one’s own culinary creations. Include the backboard, mason jars, seeds, hardware, and instructions in a kit that buyers can order and build themselves.


Examine the ideas closely, noting details like the product’s background color, its intended usage, and the subjects’ photographic posing. You will find a lot to do in many interesting ways.

But please don’t steal! You’ll see that many vendors let you pick your own shade, size, and pattern.

We hope you like the above ideas. It’s time to play with some mason jar crafts!


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