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How to Find the Best Fit for Your Wide Width Foot Type?

Foot type – Do you have wide feet and often struggle to find good-fitting shoes? Well, if yes then you have found the right article. Because here we will be discussing everything you need to know for finding the best men’s and women’s shoes for wide widths. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

Starting off, here are some essential things that you should keep in mind to find the best wide-fitting shoes;

1. Know Your Exact Shoe Size – The Length+Width

First of all, the most important thing for finding the best fitting shoes is to know your exact shoe size. This is a common mistake that people with wide feet do while shoe shopping. You should know the exact width of your feet as well, not only the length. This is because shoes are often the correct length of your foot but not the right width. 

2. Keep Trying New Brands

You should always keep on trying new brands. Until you find the right one. This is especially important for people with wide feet. Because unfortunately there are not many brands that focus on making wide-fit shoes. And even if you find some, there are not many options for styles available. So it’s always best to keep on trying new brands.

3. Know Your Terms

Till date, there is really no specific industry standard to label shoe widths. So finding the best-fit shoe for wide feet may require trials. There are some brands that use the typical letter system. In these, the letter “D” is considered the wide-width shoe size for women and an “E” for men. While other brands simply go for labels like the traditional medium, wide, or extra-wide for wide-width shoes. However, in either case, you should be aware of these terms and should know your shoe term as well. 

4. Avoid Pointed Toes

If you have wide feet you should strictly avoid wearing pointed-toe  shoes. These are seriously harmful to wide feet. They will cause you a lot of pain and might also cause injuries. So, always go for wide-width walking shoes if you have wide feet. 

5. Leave Room in your Shoes – Because Your Feet Often Swell

It is always better to purchase shoes in which there is a little extra space. Especially for people with wide feet, you should always go one size up. This is because our feet often swell, so there should be space for them to wiggle a bit without hitting the side of the shoes. This is also really important for hot weather. Having shoes that give your feet enough space will help prevent pain that is often caused by rubbing against the shoe. 

Pros of Wearing Wide-Width Shoes

If you have wide feet and wear wide width shoes, the biggest pro is that your feet will not hurt. Wearing narrow shoes hurts your feet a lot. You can injure your feet’s tissues. You can also get ingrown, corn, and calluses. 

Some other pros of wearing wide width shoes include;

  • You can avoid blisters
  • You can steer clear of hammertoes
  • Helps in preventing bunions
  • Gives your feet space to breathe
  • Helps in avoiding fungus

Final Word

Finding good fitting wide width shoes is surely a difficult task. However, if you know your correct size and keep the above mentioned points in mind. Then we hope that you can easily find the best fit shoes for wide feet. And other than comfort there really are other benefits of wearing wide width shoes, as we have mentioned above in our article. 

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