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Health System
Health System Write For Us – A health system is a way in which all health services are delivered. From how they are financed to the workforce, facilities, and supplies available, a robust healthcare system will ensure that everyone can access high-quality healthcare without financial hardship. And also, please mail us at to submit an article.

Everyone has the right to admission to health care. Yet many people around the world are denied this right. In the UK, certain groups of people, such as immigrants, are denied NHS care. Globally, more than a third of the world’s population (around 2.4 billion people) currently lacks access to a primary health facility.

Causes of a Weak Health System

Weak health systems are not inevitable. Underfunded health systems result from power imbalances between governments and powerful Western actors who have imposed political reforms that severely undermine health care delivery. These reforms include the reduction of public spending on public services and the privatization of public services.

That is why we strive to strengthen healthcare systems worldwide in two main ways; working directly with poor communities to make health systems robust and accessible and campaigning to ensure that governments in rich countries commit to strengthening health systems in emerging countries.

Rehabilitation in Health Systems

Rehabilitation in Health Systems
Although we recognize that rehabilitation, along with other health services, is provided in the context of a specific health condition, integration into the health system is currently ineffective in many parts of the world. It has been suggested that this is owing to the misallocation of responsibilities for integrating rehabilitation into health systems. In some countries, the repair is more often associated with disability. It is, therefore, usually governed and administered by social welfare services, while in other countries, rehabilitation governance is shared by health and social protection ministries.

The World Health Organization’s Rehabilitation in Health Systems provides evidence-based, expert-informed recommendations and good practice statements to help health systems and stakeholders strengthen and scale up high-quality rehabilitation services to meet populations’ needs better and integrate rehabilitation effectively.

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