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The term footwear is used to designate any element that can be used to dress and protect the feet not only from inclement cold but also to protect it from dirt, and possible injuries and, also, to beautify and give them style. Footwear has existed for centuries, although the forms of footwear varied with the times, as well as their functionality (the aesthetic aspect being perhaps as important today as the hygienic one). That is to say, to submit your article or email at

Types of Footwear

footwear write for us - shoes write for us
Basically, some of the more common types of footwear listed in Chapter 64 are listed below:

Clogs: Also, the cuts are usually in one piece and are fixed to the sole by rivets. Sometimes, they are made in one piece and do not have – or do not need – a separate outsole. However, in this case, they are classified according to the material from which they are made and are not included in this chapter.

Flip-flops: Also called, among other things, flip-flops. However, the straps or straps are fixed by plugs inserted in the corresponding holes in the sole.

Walking boots: Note that they are not classified as sports footwear.

Indian sandals: Also, they have an outer sole and a leather upper. Basically, the cut consists of strips that cross the instep and surround the big toe.

Safety footwear: Basically, the one with the toe cap is made of metal.

Sandals: However, the front part of the upper (upper) is made of strips of material or material from which one or more pieces have been cut.

Shoes: That is to say, this term encompasses all footwear, including athletic footwear, not described elsewhere in this guide.

Slippers: Basically, include slippers and other indoor footwear, such as ballet flats and ballroom dancing shoes. That is to say, these types of shoes are classified according to the material that has the most contact with the ground. Therefore, if the outsole is made of plastic or rubber (approximately 1 cm thick).

Use of Footwear Fabric

Use of Footwear Fabric

1. Interfacing Fabric

This fabric is used under the footwear lining and ropes, leather, and synthetics. These materials are fused fabrics, so they can stick to leather when heated. It is the most widely used fabric in the entertainment industry. On the interlining, we use both materials (cotton and polyester). Still, most of the time, we use cotton fabric because it is very durable, although it depends on the leather and synthetic in the shoe.

2. Lining Fabric

The shoe’s lining is the most visible area, and here we use a patterned fabric or any other beautiful fabric that makes the shoes more attractive. This is why the price of the shoe lining fabric is high, and the quality is also durable. Full foot contact. The primary purpose is to cover the seams inside the shoes and make walking comfortable. Shoe liners can be made from various materials, and we offer many types of shoe liner materials. We use this fabric with backing because the resistance of this fabric becomes very strong, and it also leads to cuts quickly.

3. Upper Fabric

We use this type of fabric in the upper part of the shoes, and this fabric has excellent durability. This fabric is much more expensive than cloth, so the shoes look great. Sometimes, we even use this fabric on the upper with leather and sometimes, we use this fabric as a full cover for the upper.

  • Canvas fabric
  • Twill fabric
  • Printed fabric
  • Cotton dyed fabric
  • Checked fabric
  • Mesh fabric
  • Denim fabric

This type of fabric looks great and is also environmentally friendly, and this is why we have a high demand for this fabric in the market.

4. Top Lining

In shoes, what is worn under the upper is called an upper liner, so this liner gives strength to the upper part of the fabric. It is a piece of actual fabric in shoes because it makes them very comfortable, usually by brushing or using soft materials.

Apart from that, fabric with a cushion laminate is used but mainly brushed cotton fabric is used because after wearing shoes, our feet sweat, and the cotton fabric absorbs it and gives you a comfort zone. Many people also use cotton fabric because it is affordable and durable for all shoemakers.

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