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Jewelry is the production and trade of jewelry items; ornaments made primarily of metals and precious stones. By extension, the term is also often used in places that sell these high-value-added decorative products. Jewelry is a practice and an activity that dates back to the most remote times.

In fact, there has always been a tendency to use distinctive elements that evoke prestige and value; In many cases, this practice performs with items that we consider unimportant today, but it also serves with things that are still regarded as rare and valuable today. To submit your article or draft, send us an email at

Today, referring to jewelry involves talking about materials such as gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Of course, others can also use it with satisfactory results, but these are the most valuable and the ones that best honor the concept of jewelry as a high-priced decorative item.

In the distant past, the elements used could be of common characteristics, such as bones, tusks, or tendons; however, it is essential to understand that each society establishes what has value based on supply and demand. Precious metals and stones will always consider distinctive as there is little supply of them as they are rare. For example, the amount of gold on the planet is always constant, even though new deposits may discover.

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