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What is Eyeliner: Definition, Types, And More


Eyeliner is a cosmetic and makeup product that defines the area around the eyes. It is applied around him to create a variety of aesthetic illusions. Although women mainly use it, it is also used by some men today, and several brands have started to bring exclusive products to the market for them.

Five Types of Eyeliner

Eyeliner is one of my favorite products and a staple in my makeup bag. Because? Since it instantly helps you look more well-groomed, you can take it with you anywhere, and change the look of your eyes dependent on the application, you can find it in a variety of values. The best part is that there is a type for every need we want to cover: Skin type, duration, ingredients, and final finish.

1. Eyeshadow

One of the less common ways women use to attract their eyes but it is the perfect option for girls who want a natural and feminine look. Find a dark shade, preferably brown or black, pick it up with a fine, pointed brush, remove the excess, and apply it to the lash line.

2. Gel Eyeliners

One of the products that revolutionized eye makeup. They are very resistant, waterproof, available in different colors, and enable intense or smoky effects.

3. Eye Pencils

The most accessible product many of us started our eyeliner adventure with. But luckily, the formulas for this product have changed and now using an eye pencil is a breeze. Because? The application is gentle. The effect lasts a long time, and, unlike others, a little makeup remover is enough to remove it.

4. Eyeliners

It is one of the new products on the market, and in a short time, it has managed to convince many women looking for quick, easy, and long-lasting eyeliner. When looking for a feather liner, the most important thing is that it has an extended trip, as this will make all the difference when you apply the product.

5. Liquid eyeliner

One of the most popular products for women who want to create a precise and intense line. Modern formulas are long-lasting, but it’s essential to make sure they’re waterproof. This type of eyeliner is intended for girls who are more experienced with makeup as they require a strong hand and a lot of precision.

It is best to start with simple contours, from the center of the eyelid outwards, then connect to the area near the tear duct.

As our technique and confidence improve, we can try more complex styles, like the cat’s eye. If it doesn’t come out the first time, don’t despair and try again. Remember that practice makes perfect.


About the eyelinear

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