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Vaginal Rejuvenation Kits for At-Home Use

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is just as it sounds – a vaginal corrective treatment used to help rejuvenate the vagina by tightening it, eliminating vaginal dryness, stopping incontinence-related issues, and so much more. According to the Cleveland Clinic, in most cases, vaginal rejuvenation is use to help solve age-relate health concerns. However, that isn’t to say that vaginal rejuvenation treatments can’t, and aren’t used by just about anyone and everyone.

When women go through their childbearing years, they experience significant changes in their vaginal health including the loss of vaginal tightness. However, after those childbearing years are over, it’s difficult for them to reverse those changes and improve their overall vaginal health again. This is one of the many reasons why vaginal rejuvenation is such a highly sought-after cosmetic treatment. However, it’s not a cheap treatment to receive, especially when you seek out surgical vaginal rejuvenation options.

Luckily today, there are nonsurgical approaches to vaginal rejuvenation, such as CO2Lift’s at-home vaginal rejuvenation treatment kits, otherwise known as CO2LIFTV. CO2LIFTV is a painless, and non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that can done from the comfort of your very own home that requires little to no downtime. The best part? Most users claim to notice results after just one application!

How Can At-Home Vaginal Rejuvenation Benefit Me?

How Can At-Home Vaginal Rejuvenation Benefit Me?

You may be curious as to how athome vaginal rejuvenation treatments can directly benefit you. Listed below are a few of the main benefits that users notice after beginning their CO2LIFTV at-home vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Increase in Natural Lubrication

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments work to stimulate the regeneration of vaginal tissue. They also help to increase the amount of blood that flows to the vagina. When both of these are combine, it has a direct impact on the overall lubrication of the vagina. Ultimately, it helps to eliminate vaginal dryness by increasing the natural lubrication of the vagina.

Improves Urinary Incontinence

As we age, urinary incontinence also tends to become a bigger issue for us. However, vaginal rejuvenation treatments help to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen both help to increase the strength of our vaginal walls as well as the strength of our urethra. As users continue using their at-home vaginal rejuvenation kits, they’ll notice a significant increase in their vaginal strength, thus allowing them to have more control over potential incontinence-related issues such as urine leakage or how frequently they need to urinate.

Helps Restore Vaginal Tightness

Vaginal rejuvenation kits also help to promote the proper penetration of carbon dioxide into the epidermis. When this occurs, it stimulates the body’s oxygen molecules to deliver oxygen directly to the penetrated area – or in this scenario, to the vagina. When the oxygen is deliver, it helps to restore the vagina’s tightness as well as to return it to a more youthful state. Again, this is due to an increase in the overall creation of collagen, as collagen is known as the anti-aging protein and is a key contributor to our skin’s tightness.

Enhances overall Sexual Pleasure

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments have also known to help increase users’ overall pleasure during sexual intercourse. Within the front wall of the vagina, women are known to have a g-spot. This g-spot plays a key role in their sexual arousal and overall stimulation during intercourse. Again, as the vaginal rejuvenation treatments work to increase our collagen levels, the collagen also works to plump the vagina’s internal tissue. When the internal tissue plumps, it allows women to experience more sexual pleasure and stimulation during intercourse.

What is the Application Process for At-Home Vaginal Rejuvenation Kits?

Vaginal rejuvenation is entirely different depending on which route you choose to take – either the surgical or non-surgical approach. However, for the CO2LIFTV At-Home Vaginal Rejuvenation Kits, their application process is quick and easy.

The at-home carboxy vaginal treatment kit will come with a packet that you’ll mix thoroughly in a bowl. The kit also comes with an applicator that you can pull the gel into after mixing. From there, you’ll take the applicator and insert it into the vagina and on the vulva. You’ll apply about 2/3 of the gel directly into the vagina, and you’ll apply the remaining 1/3 to the vulva.

It’s recommend to leave the gel on for at least 45 minutes, however, some women. It also leave it in overnight to get the maximum benefits they can. After application, you’ll use the same applicator and fill it with water to rinse out the vagina. You’ll want to ensure you rinse the vagina at least 3 times to ensure the gel remove entirely. Most users claim they get the best results out of the CO2LIFTV treatment by doing it every 5-7 days. However, some users claim to also maintain their results by doing the treatment on a monthly basis.

Overall, vaginal rejuvenation treatments are a great option for women who are looking to restore or maintain their overall vaginal health. Not only do they help to increase vaginal tightness, but they help women to have more self-confidence, especially as they age. Consider trying out an at-home vaginal rejuvenation treatment today! You won’t regret it.