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Reasons Your Website Is Lacking In Organic Traffic

Website Is Lacking In Organic Traffic – For any business person, organic website traffic is essential. You could be a service based company like Aargon agency or sell products like Walmart. Failing to utilize SEO marketing will only benefits your competitors. After all, this is what drives sales forward. According to studies, 51% of the B2B traffic is driven by organic searches.

But what if there’s a dip in organic traffic? How would you know? You’ll have to make use of KPIs and other tools to track your performance.

Whenever you identify a change in any metric, you have to check the kind of traffic that is gathered on your site. However, if you see a drop in organic traffic, there may be various reasons behind it, including.

1. Lack of Content

Does your website have the right type of content that will appeal to the audience? Even the quantity of content is important here. If you don’t have enough engaging posts or blogs, your audience will not be impressed.

This will mean that you have much less to offer to your customers as compared to your competitors. As a result, your organic traffic insights will be hampered. So make sure your content is cleverly written and unique.

This doesn’t mean you keep posting things every day- the quality of your content is equally important. But try to maintain a balance between the quality and the quantity for good results.

2. Change in Algorithm

Another possible explanation as to why your organic traffic has dipped might be because Google or other search engines keep updating their algorithms.

Google lets its clients know beforehand whenever the algorithm changes but usually this change is much more evident when a significant number of websites start facing the same issues. An increase in rankings or a drop in SERPs, or even a de-indexing can be a part of the consequences of the algorithm updates.

It’s pretty obvious that no website can keep up with every single change because Google updates its algorithms nearly 1500 times a year, but you can conduct an enterprise SEO audit to understand the changes better.

3. Writing for Bots

One of the major things you have to remember is that your website is meant to be viewed by humans, not bots. So keep the style of writing and all your content for humans. Generally, businesspeople focus so much on optimization and technicalities that they lose sight of the actual audience. Here are some points to improve your manner of writing:

  • Write in a conversational and casual style
  • Use visuals that are eye-catching and attractive
  • Break down larger paragraphs into various smaller ones so that readers don’t get bored
  • Break each content up with proper headings and tags to make reading easier

4. Inaccessible Website

A website that is inaccessible can be really harmful to your business. If Google or any of your users cannot get entry into your site, you have to leave everything else behind and fix that problem as soon as possible.

This not only damages your SEO but also your entire sales. For example, did you plan maintenance at midnight, thinking that not many people will try to visit your website at that time? Well, that might be a mistake!

Even if your users don’t scroll through your website at night, Google’s bots never sleep. If they can’t crawl through your website when they wish to, your site will be penalized.

5. Poor Mobile Optimization

Lastly, one more good reason why your traffic is decreasing is probably that the mobile version of your website isn’t good enough.

Even if the PC version of your site looks and performs amazingly, you’ll still have to put in quite a bit of effort to optimize the mobile version. This is because users mostly like to scroll through their phones because that’s much easier and more accessible.

Most of the search activities occur on cell phones these days, so mobile optimization should be a priority. In fact, Google’s indexing system is now mobile-first, meaning mobile sites get more priority over desktop versions.

Over to you…

These are just a some major reasons why your website might see a drop in organic traffic. There might be many other reasons, but it’s important to figure out where the problem lies. Speak to a specialized internet marketing agency for guidance and sort out technical issues quickly. This will ensure that your customers don’t have a bad impression of your service and your sales shoot up.

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