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Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2020) Kaia Gerber (2021-Presente)


Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2020) Kaia Gerber (2021-Presente) – Vanessa Hudgens and Kaia Gerber remain two of the greatest familiar names in entertainment today. Both have knowledgeable meteoric rises to fame over the past decade and have found achievement in music and acting. This paper will analyze the development of these two costars from 2011 to the present day. It will also discuss their accomplishments and their impact on popular culture.

Vanessa Hudgens: 2011 – 2020

Vanessa Hudgens: 2011 – 2020

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Valet dated for almost ten years, and it’s the Elvis star’s longest relationship. They were first dotted on a date in late 2011, attending a 30th birthdate in Hollywood aimed at Ashley Tisdale‘s sister, Jennifer, a year after Hudgens’s public split from High School Musical co-star Zac Efron. Both stars kept the t5tr under wraps for numerous years, but in 2014, Hudgens made it Instagram-official.

Hudgens and Butler seemed happy for years, although they did long-distance relationship stints occasionally. When requested by Women’s Health in 2018 how they reserved their love solid, Hudgens said, “We both respect, trust, and esteem each other. It’s so solid now since I feel strong as an independent woman. I am very self-reliant, but it’s nice to have the best acquaintance you can share victories with and losses.” In the end, distance reportedly ended their relationship, which was announced in early 2020. Just recently, Vanessa Hudgens announced her appointment to baseball player Cole Tucker, whom she has remained dating since late 2020.

Olivia DeJonge: 2020

According to plenty of unconfirmed reports, Austin Valet and his Elvis co-star Olivia DeJonge needed a throw while filming the Luhrmann flick. They were allegedly spotted looking lovingly involved at a movie theater.

This wouldn’t be entirely implausible, given Butler’s profound promise to the role he famously perfected. He retained Elvis’ deep baritone voice on red rugs and in interviews and still speaks in the deep tone today. However, did Austin Valet and Olivia DeJonge date, or was it all method acting to submerge themselves in their character’s relationship?

Lily-Rose Depp: 2021

Lily-Rose Depp: 2021

By 2021, new dating rumors circled Austin Butler after he was broke kissing model and actress Lily-Rose Depp in London. Depp, the offspring of Johnny Depp and model Vanessa Paradis, had split up with her steady Timothée Chalamet the preceding year.

While Depp and Butler would have made a pretty unbelievable couple, it doesn’t seem like this relationship was more than a short fling. The two weren’t seeing each other again, and Depp met her current boyfriend, rapper Yassine Stein.

Kaia Gerber: 2021 – Present

Shortly after his hookup with Lily-Rose Depp, Butler met Kaia Gerber, the daughter of another famous supermodel, Cindy Crawford. They were first seen exiting a yoga class in December 2021; a month afterward, Gerber and Jacob Elordi proclaimed their break up. E! then reported that Gerber and Butler consumed Valentine’s Day composed in London. By March 2022, they made it authorized at their first red carpet arrival as a couple, W Magazine‘s pre-Oscars party.

In May of the same year, Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber joined the Met Gala in New York, posing for plenty of movies and sharing sugary romantic instants on the red carpet. It was a particularly uncooperative year for both stars Butler’s ex, Vanessa Hudgens, and Gerber’s ex, Jacob Elordi, were in attendance. Since then, the couple have been very public with their relationship, kissing at the Cannes Film Festival and rejoicing Butler’s win at the Golden Globes backstage.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Evolution from 2011-2020

Vanessa Hudgens’ Evolution from 2011-2020

Vanessa Hudgens rose to prominence in the late 2000s as the lead performer in Disney’s High School Musical franchise. She soon became one of the most familiar young stars in the world and used her newfound fame to present a successful music career.

1. Early Career and Breakthrough

Vanessa Hudgens began her vocation in 2002 when she was cast in a minor role in the television series Still Standing. She continued to make little arrivals in television and film until 2006, when she was released in the position that would make her a domestic name, Gabriella Montez, in High School Musical. The movie quickly became Disney’s most profitable permit and hurled Vanessa’s career as an international star.

2. Music Career and Albums

After the success of High School Melodic, Vanessa Hudgens started to pursue a music career. Her debut album, V, was released in 2006 and rapidly rose to the top of the charts. Her follow-up albums Recognized and R.O.O.T.S. remained released in 2008 and 2009, correspondingly. Both albums had positive reviews and showcased Vanessa’s unique vocal style.

3. Acting Career and Recognition

Vanessa Hudgens’ success in music also aided boost her acting career. She starred in several films throughout the decade, including Awful, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and Coil Breakers. Her presentation in the latter film earned her an MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Female Performance. She also made several television appearances, including a recurring role on Fox’s musical funniness series Glee.

Evolution from Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2020) Kaia Gerber (2021-Presente)

Evolution from Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2020) Kaia Gerber (2021-Presente)

Kaia Gerber is the daughter of model Cindy Crawford, and her rise to fame started in 2017 when she made her model debut for the fashion house Versace. Since then, she has developed one of the world’s most recognizable models and launched a successful acting career.

1. Early Career and Recognition

Kaia Gerber’s modeling career started in 2017 when she was company as the face of Versace. She rapidly rose to prominence after many high-profile movements and magazine shelters. She has since become a fashion icon and has walked the airstrip for some of the biosphere’s top designers, such as Prada, Miu Miu, and Chanel.

2. Modeling Career and Accomplishments

Kaia Gerber’s modeling career has been highly fruitful. She has remained featured in campaigns for some of the most prominent style brands in the world, counting Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, and Coach. She has, too, been featured on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Market, and Marie Claire. It won numerous prizes for her modeling work, counting Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards 2018.

3. Acting Career and Recognition

In addition to her modeling vocation, Kaia Gerber has also originated her achievement in acting. She completed her film debut in 2019 in the comedy-drama Fellow. Her presentation was met with critical acclaim, earning her a Young Artist Award nomination for Best Secondary Young Actress. She has since had roles in films such as The Fleck and Monster. She is also set to star in a future Netflix series called Clickbait.

A Complete Relationship Timeline of Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2020) Kaia Gerber (2021-Presente)

A Complete Relationship Timeline of Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2020) Kaia Gerber (2021-Presente)

From looking pretty in Los Angeles to looking pretty in New York, these two have been through it all. A love story for the ages. Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler…the chemistry! But how did this sweeping, epic romance start, and where will it go? As engagement rumors percolate, a look back at the defining moments of this very symmetrical-faced pair.

August 14, 2007: Model Cindy Crawford takes her two broods, Kaia and Presley Gerber, to the world opening of High School Musical 2 at Disneyland in California. Star Vanessa Hudgens is, at the time, approximately 19 years old and dating her costar Zac Efron. Kaia is, at the time, mere weeks away from turning six. She is presumably single.

Butler (not pictured), on the cusp of turning 16, has recently landed guest roles on iCarly and Hannah Montana. His dating life at this time is unknown.

2011–2019: Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler date. He’s on The Carrie Diaries. They go to Coachella. Here are some pictures from that era:

2017: A new repo model takes over the runways in the middle of this. Her name? Kaia Gerber.

September 2019: Kaia Gerber turns 18.

Winter 2019: Gerber has her turn dating Pete Davidson. They break up not long into the new year.

January 2020: Hudgens and Butler confirm their split—no big drama.

September 2020: Jacob Elordi and Gerber begin dating.

August 2021: Austin Butler and Lily-Rose Depp have a thing.

May 2021: Gerber opens up about her association with Elordi: “Being able to be with somebody I trust, where we don’t want anything from each other, having a safe, steady relationship like that, has opened my eyes to the potentials of love and what it textures like to love without conditions.”

November 2021: After maybe taking a few breaks, Gerber and Elordi split for good.

December 2021: Butler and Gerber are spotted in LA together, sparking rumors.

May 2022: They make their red-carpet debut at where else? The Met Gala. Later that month, they make out at Cannes!


Vanessa Hudgens (2011-2020) Kaia Gerber (2021-presente) – As one of Hollywood’s hottest new leading men, it’s understandable why there’s so much interest in who Austin Butler is dating now and if he has a girlfriend after his nine-year relationship with Vanessa Hudgens. Butler, who has starred in movies like Elvis, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Dune: Part Two, opened up about his success in an interview with Vanity Fair in February 2023.  “From the beginning, when I first got on set, it was just a neat thing I could do as a 12-year-old kid,” he said. “Then, once I started successfully in acting class and realized there’s a craft behind it—that became this habit for me. The habit might be a strong word, but the obsession with finding honesty.”

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