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5 Popular Types of Laptop Bags for Travel

Laptops are an essential part of education and work. Proper maintenance enhances the product life of the laptops; using an appropriate cover for the laptop is one such example.

Laptop bags play an important role in protecting the laptop against dirt, damage, and theft. The bag assures security by providing complete portability. Laptop bags offer aesthetic benefits too. The laptop bags offer a cushion that protects the laptop from any sudden shock; the cushion stands still against all weather.

While purchasing any laptop cover, it is a mandate to check a few aspects, such as:

  • The extent of assured cleanliness
  • The availability of sizes
  • The extent of protection

The laptop’s cleanliness influences the functioning of the computer; dust is a significant contributor to laptop issues. Improper size and material of the laptop cover enable dust accumulation. Working employees often face laptop issues due to poor cleanliness at the workplace. Frequent travellers face the same problem in the absence of a good laptop cover such as a laptop hülle.

Choosing the Right Bag

Choosing the Right Bag

The Types

  • There are three types of laptop protection bags: slim portfolios, backpacks, and briefcases. The functionality differs based on price and brand.
  • The briefcase model laptop protection bag is popular among those who present seminars, workshops, etc.; the laptop cover model brings a professional outlook. Usually, the briefcase model cover, such as a laptop hülle, has the capacity to hold a maximum of one laptop, a couple of notebooks/ files, and a power cable.

The bags come with an adjustable/ detachable shoulder strap and a handle. The make-material is leather/ vinyl and is easy to scan at airports.

  • The backpack-style laptop bag such as laptop hülle is a popular choice among students, travellers, and IT professionals. The bag helps to keep the travel stress-free by reducing any strain on the neck and back.

The bags such as laptop hülle come with the capacity to hold one laptop, textbooks, lunch, power cable, and mouse; these bags are famous for their vast compartment numbers and spaces. The bags are preferable for their in-built security systems that ensure laptop safety even while the owner is away.

  • The slim portfolio bags are popular among those who prefer to carry only limited travel requirements. They provide a range of options such as zippers, small pockets, personalization, and colours.

The bags can accommodate one laptop and charger. Comparatively, this type of bag is cheaper and preferable by travellers for a short duration of usage.

Other Factors

  • The storage requirement varies depending on the laptop bag usage objective. For instance, students prefer a laptop cover that holds all their requirements in one place; travellers have varying requirements based on whether they need to carry different things or only a laptop. Thus by narrowing the objective, it is easier to choose the bag.
  • Recently, many brands are beginning to focus on the anti-theft characteristics of the bag. This is due to the rising demand for the particular feature. The pricing varies as per the number of features and whether the bag provides additional security to the laptop.
  • Finally, it is essential to focus on the material of the bag. Few materials withstand all weather, while few let the rain/ excess heat reach the laptop. Since the weather can affect the laptop’s functionality, it is crucial to choose a cover that is useful for all seasons.


Every laptop bag serves a purpose. Thus, the travellers have to choose based on the factors such as:

  • Whether they are packing a lot (for bag size)
  • Whether the place of the visit has more humidity (to choose the bag material)
  • And also, whether additional security features have to be invested in

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