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7 Easy Exercises for Seniors to Stay Active and Healthy

7 Easy Exercises for Seniors to Stay Active and Healthy

Exercises for Seniors to Stay Active and Healthy – Exercise gets harder as we get older for various reasons. Some older adults find that reduced mobility or other health problems make any kind of movement uncomfortable, and more intense exercise impossible. Others find that they feel anxious about trying new things, or that growing isolation makes getting out and finding exercise groups and classes frightening. Often, it’s a combination of things. But exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any age. For older people, exercise can reduce loneliness, boost mental health, lower blood pressure, ease stiffness, and reduce the risks of a huge range of health problems. Here are seven exercises that are perfect for older people.


Gardening is an ideal exercise for anyone with mobility problems, or for people that don’t enjoy more intense exercise. It is also ideal for those suffering from memory or mental health issues, and assisted living communities like those with memory care in Houston TX often encourage gardening as a way to promote physical and mental activity.

Pottering in the garden can be a relaxing and sedate activity, making it ideal for anyone with anxiety or cognitive decline. Gardening also has the added benefits of fresh air and exposure to natural sunlight and vitamin D.


Walking is a fantastic low-impact exercise that gives seniors a chance to get out into nature, embrace the world around them and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. Even people with reduced mobility can enjoy a gentle daily walk, perhaps with the use of mobility aids, and there are some fantastic walking groups for seniors.


Swimming is another low-impact activity that’s ideal for older people with problems with their joints or bones. Water offers excellent support, and a gentle swim can also be incredibly soothing.

Aqua Classes

A great alternative or addition to swimming is aqua fit or aqua aerobic classes. These can have all of the benefits of a traditional out-of-the-watercress, with added support for the joints. Aqua fitness classes are incredibly popular with seniors, people with mobility issues. And also, pregnant women, who enjoy the support of the water as they move.

Exercise Classes

Many areas and sports facilities offer exercise classes specifically for seniors. These can be anything from slower classes, with adjustments for people with knee or hip pain, to chair classes. Where the participant gets to sit in a chair while they perform the exercises. A big benefit of this kind of class is that they’ve been designed by and will be taught by a professional. In which will reduce the risk of injury and maximize the results.


Yoga is fabulous for people of all ages. It’s gentle, easy to adjust to suit different body shapes, sizes, and abilities, and it’s incredibly relaxing and soothing. Yoga, whether practiced at home or in a group can be great for older adults’ physical and mental health.

Exercise is incredibly important for older adults. It can improve mood and mental health, boost mobility. And also, If ease stiffness and inflammation, and generally help seniors to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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