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Watch Thalapathy Tamil Full Movie FilmiBeat

Watch Thalapathy Tamil Full Movie FilmiBeat

Surya (Rajinikanth), in the movie Thalapathy, is an orphan from the slums, a fearless boy who befriends the local Don Deva (Mammoty). Together, they fight injustice against the law in their way, which is popular with the public. However, the arrival of new neighborhood collector Arjun (Arvind Saamy), who wants to stop this duo, shapes Thalapathi’s story.

Movie Details

Name: Thalapathy ( Tamil Movie )
Released: 1991
Directors Mani Rathnam
With Rajinikanth, Mammootty, Arvind Swamy
Genres Action
English subtitles [CC]

Story Line:

Thalapathi movie is a 1991 Indian Tamil-language film directed by Mani Ratnam. Surya (Rajinikanth), the abandoned son of a 14-year-old single mother, Kalyani (Srividya), is raised by a generous lady who lives in slums. Become a brave and caring fiery fighter to fight the injustice unfolding in the city. These qualities lead him to cross swords with the local Don Devarajan (Mammooty). Surya beats Devarajan’s friend, and Deva threatens Surya by telling him that his life will be in danger soon if my friend rests.

More Information About Thalapathy Movie

  • Surya was imprisoned as soon as his friend dies. However, when Deva finds out about Ramana’s offense, she gets Surya out of prison. Surya himself is surprised to see Deva released from jail, and there he says nyayamnu onnu irrukku (there is justice).
  • And from that glorious moment, Deva lets go of her ego and offers her a hand of friendship. Surya also states that he would be Deva’s best friend until death. Deva makes Surya his “Thalapathi” commander. They both rule the city not only with their strength but also with their sense of justice.
  • But in the eyes of the government, they are seen as anti-social elements. Arjun (Arvind Swamy), named the new district collector, plans to arrest Deva and Surya to end their brutal activities. In the ensuing fight between the Collector and Deva / Surya, Surya learns that Arjun’s mother is also his mother.
  • Surya promises his mother that he won’t hurt Arjun but refuses to leave Deva, whose friendship is more precious than his relationship with his brother. Deva shocks to learn that Collector and Surya are siblings and admires Surya for not separating despite discovering his identity.
  • During the handover process to the Collector, assuring him to shut down his activities completely, Deva is shot dead. In a fit of rage, Surya kills the person who was the cause of Deva’s death and surrenders to the police after performing the last rites of his close collaborator. The Collector travels to another location in a new destination accompanied by his wife. The mother then changes her mind to stay with her eldest son, Surya.

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