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Aging Well: Activities For Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle in Your Golden Years

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle – You’re probably aware that we all age differently. And even though you may equate old age with a more relaxed and inactive lifestyle, studies have actually shown that the more active you are in your later years, the healthier you’ll be.

Most think of retirement as a time to relax and sit on the porch, go fishing, or spend weekends at the bingo hall. But even though these are great activities to pass the time, incorporating activities that require a little more energy is best suited to keep you healthy and engaged with life.

For example, studies have shown that most seniors who end up in nursing homes have led rather inactive life. And though there are exceptions, this should give one reason to take precautions as there are numerous allegations of abuse in nursing homes across the country; keeping abreast of current trends, as well as getting ahold of the number of experienced counsel, will serve you well should you wind up considering enrolling at a nursing home.

If you’re approaching your golden years and want to live a more active lifestyle, the following guide will give you a few ideas.


Perhaps one of the best activities to keep you fit and in shape, swimming can work wonders for the entire body. And the best part is, you don’t have to swim countless laps in an Olympic swimming pool to reap the benefits.

Regular swimming, anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes a few days each week can be of great benefit to your cardiovascular health. Additionally, swimming is great for muscle tone, proper circulation, and respiratory health.

Being a low-impact exercise, swimming won’t run you the risk of serious injury as with weight lifting or other high-impact workout regimens. Additionally, studies in sports medicine have shown that simply being immersed in water has a calming effect, and this is a great way to reduce stress as well.


You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to go out to the golf course and enjoy a day in the sun. In fact, golf members across the country are usually far from par when it comes to their game, but the score isn’t the overall goal here.

Engaging in golf allows you to get outside, get some fresh air, a healthy dose of Vitamin D from plentiful sunshine, and exercise key muscle groups.

If you’ve ever golfed before, you’re probably aware that this game requires a great deal of walking, bending, twisting, and other necessary motions. And playing golf regularly can help to keep you in shape.

Though golf can be tiresome out in the overhead sun, ensure that you’re well-hydrated and that you’re frequently drinking water while out on the course. And don’t forget to take breaks if you need to.


If you’re interested in combining the benefits of meditation with strength exercises, yoga can be one of the best activities for staying fit.

Yoga originated in the Hindu culture as a means to bring one closer to Moksha, or liberation from the illusion of self. In ancient times, Raja (royal) yoga consider one of the 4 paths to Moksha and this incorporated the practice of meditation.

As yoga has evolved, Hatha yoga, a form of Raja yoga, has popularize in the West. And it is this practice that most Westerners engage in today, though many practitioners do so for physical benefits rather than to seek spiritual liberation.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, practicing yoga is one of the best ways to keep fit both mentally and physically.

Concentration on the body’s movements and on the breath is essential to yoga, as is focusing on thought. And engaging in yogic practices regularly have proven beneficial in overall quality of life.

Walking & Running Clubs

Last but not least, walking and running are some of the best activities to keep circulation in check as well as to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Additionally, joining a walking or running club is a great way to engage in exercise as well as to socialize with other health-conscious seniors.

Regular participation in walking and running can strengthen your heart and your respiratory system. And you can vary your scenery as well.

For example, you can go running in your neighborhood, or at a local sports track. Along nature trails, or anywhere you feel safe to do so.

Keeping fit and staying active in your golden years doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive process. In fact, it can be an enjoyable one simply by getting out. And doing the activities that you love the most.

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