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Sirf Tum Full HD Movie on Zee5

Sirf Tum Full HD Movie on Zee5Sirf Tum Full HD Movie on Zee5

Sirf Tum is a 1999 romantic film starring Sanjay Kapoor, Sushmita Sen, Priya Gill, Simran Bagga, Jackie Shroff, and others. It is a love triangle. A man and a woman who have never met begin to correspond in letters and fall in love. The man’s boss likes her, but the man doesn’t see himself as her partner. One day, penpals meet face to face and become friends in real life, too, not realizing that they know and love each other through their letters.

Sirf Tum Movie Details

Genre: Music, Romance, Drama
Release year: 1999
Type: Movie
Languages: Hindi
Duration: 170
Director: Agathiyan
Cast: Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill, Sushmita Sen, Simran Bagga, Jackie Shroff

Sirf Tum Story LineSirf Tum Full HD Movie on Zee5

Deepak Rai (Sanjay Kapoor) finds a bag with school diplomas belonging to Aarti (Priya Gill). He finds that this lady lives in Nainital and returns by mail, initiating permanent contact through letters.

One day, Aarti sets out on his mission to find and meet Deepak without alerting him to her plans. She currently resides in Delhi due to a temporary employment contract with her boss Neha hers. Deepak’s supervisor Neha (Sushmita Sen), romantically interested in him, doesn’t help her, but Deepak doesn’t. His heart yearns for Aarti. As a result, he resigned and, to make ends meet, started driving a rickshaw.

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More Information About Sirf Tum

  • Aarti had given Deepak a woolen sweater with a picture of a “lit Diya” sewn on when they contacted him a few months ago. When Aarti arrives in Delhi, she cannot locate Deepak and decides to return as a week has passed and time is running out.
  • Aarti had borrowed Deepak’s car and spent the entire day with him. Deepak takes off his shirt, enlightening a woolen sweater underneath. Aarti recognizes him, calls out his name, and the two recognize each other and how they are looking for each other all the time.
  • The movie ends with Aarti and Deepak kissing, while Pritam and Jency (Jaya Bhattacharya) watch in rapt attention.
  • Sirf Tum was out on June 10, 1999, led by Ahathian. This film lasts 2 h 41 min and is available in Hindi. Sanjay Kapoor, Priya Gill, Sushmita Sen, and Mohnish Bahl star in this film.

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