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Simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali with Floral Pattern

Simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali with Floral Pattern

Simple Rangoli designs are believed to have started centuries ago. Some rangoli design references are also available in our scriptures. The art of rangoli has changed and changed over the centuries. Rangoli has different names in many parts of India. In Tamil Nadu as Kolam, in Andhra, it is known as muggulu; in Karnataka, it is known as muggitu; And in Rajasthan, it is known as Mandana, etc.

We have easy Indian rangoli designs for beginners. Practice these simple rangoli designs in the comfort of your home to impress your in-laws or neighbors. If you enter a Hindu home in India, you will be greeted by a rangoli design generally drawn with chalk powder or limestone powder on the floor. Traditionally, rice flour was used to make rangoli designs as it can serve as a food source for small insects and birds. Simple rangoli designs are used in almost all Hindu religious occasions, festivals, weddings, etc. In addition, rangoli are believed to ward off evil spirits from homes. So try one of these simple rangoli designs today.

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Simple Rangoli Designs for Diwali with Floral Patterns

Flowers and Rangoli go together. If you are looking for beautiful rangoli designs, you will find plenty of flowers as ingredients and techniques. So get ready to be blown away by these fantastic rangoli images.

1. Orange Flowers

This is one of the most excellent examples of simple rangoli designs. The orange color appears quite alluring, and the mesh effect adds a simple charm to the whole art.

2. Sunflower Magic

Speaking of warm tones, how could we forget the sunflower? Orange ombre petals look beautiful when contrasted with these colorful rangoli designs and are good enough to be the center of attention.

3. Watch it Bloom

Another simple and easy rangoli picture with a sunflower. Using bold white swatches makes it look sharper.

4. Mirror Image

You are adding a bit of symmetry to the range – what a colorful play of two towering flowers intertwined with simple white stripes. This is one of the most gorgeous floral rangoli design images you must include in your wedding decor.

5. The Delicate Lotus

Lotuses are not only encouraging, but they are also a great visual delight. For example, we love the 3D effect in this rangoli design created using dual tones for the petals.

6. The Double Pink v/s Orange

Combine it with two different lotuses, one in pink and one in orange. Naturally, the detailing and symmetry of this type of unique rangoli design require some practice beforehand.

7. Feel so Aquatic

Adding a splash of blue to this lotus design makes this rangoli photo a great idea. It immediately brings to mind a mesmerizing body of water, the natural home of lotuses.

8. Lines and Petals

This simple image of rangoli designs has our hearts. This is done using minimal colors (and techniques) yet is eye-catching without being too hard on the work front.

9. Tangled Light

There is such a subtle charm in this one. Diyas and lotuses are made with kind curves. This rangoli design image must be a favorite because of its soothing effect on the eyes.

10. Glow

A few petals, a few tips, and a lot of precision. Striping a neutral zone in the simple dot rangoli design simplifies the look and provides respite to patrons and viewers.

11. The Enchanted Rose

Fan of Beauty and the Beast? Why not have this stunning rangoli design with the blue rose pattern at the venue’s entrance?

12. Flower Ring

Another beautiful yet simple specimen among a lot of unique rangoli designs. The petals used here are simple enough for beginners to try, yet the result is just as impressive as any complicated one.

13. Royal Purple

If purple is your favorite color, this rangoli design will immediately become your number one choice to try. The colors blend nicely, and the paisley and lotus flower patterns give it a lovely look.

14. Flower, Glitter, and Shimmer

This beautiful rangoli design is ideal if you are looking for a subtle yet uncluttered design that focuses more on chunk colors for its plea.

15. Rosy Fingered Dawn

This rangoli design starts very quickly, but its true beauty comes from the mesh details of the outermost layer of this rangoli flower pattern.

16. Shades of Elegance

The use of two tones in this rangoli image makes it so vibrant and original that we are tempted to take it off the screen and stick it on our notebooks and laptops.

17. Not your Regular Rangoli

This type of simple dotted rangoli design is heavily mesh-based and looks easier to pull off than it is. But if you desire to go for a hat style, this is a nice break from the circular rangoli design.

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Easy Rangoli for Diwali 2022

A rangoli made of flower petals is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and spreads its fragrance all over the place. Bonus Points: Nothing works better than flowers when working around specific items, like lamps, poles, or pillars. Take a look at these flower rangoli-

1. Jars and Trinkets

This place is beautifully decorated with flowers, but the center of attraction is the beautiful rangoli floral design around the pot. Rangoli is made from real flowers and does not take long to materialize.

2. Let it Spin

Here is another excellent example of simple rangoli design images that use entire strings of flowers. This work allows you to create intricate (yet significant) shapes and patterns and change and modify them to your liking.

3. The Goalkeepers

When it comes to flower petals, they bring a whole different kind of versatility to the table. Take a look at these simple rangoli designs unified in the form of a rug to outline the reception room. We have already explored some exciting wedding reception ideas that incorporate flower petals.

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4. Everywhere you See

Oh, we forgot to mention. Flower garlands are not only great circular rangoli designs, but they are also your best option if you want to beautify the whole place and many of its empty spaces.

5. Hello, my Sunshine!

Floral Rangoli designs around pots are frequently used, yet they give spectacular results. Take, for example, this piece of art and these click-worthy marigolds.

6. Bright and Sunny

If you are having your wedding ceremony outdoors, especially with such a tremendous heirloom-like decor, add a splash of color to the set with flower petals and simple rangoli design pictures like this. You can even conjure up the sun and add a sundial to your decor.

7. Flowers will Guide you Home

And why only the location of the primary function? You can decorate all the paths leading to the place so that as soon as someone walks in, they know they are in the right place.

8. Tears on my Stairs

Speaking of large empty spaces, outdoor weddings also seem to have a lot of stairs and such. So make sure they also stand out with simple rangoli designs like this.

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Simple Rangoli for Diwali with Mandala

Mandala rangoli designs rely primarily on symmetry and precision to make the rangoli look beautiful. The patterns may be more straightforward and less elaborate, but the consistency and skill required to master that absolute beauty are enormous.

1. Of Shells and Petals

This rangoli image requires a cone, skill, and a lot of patience. Shading here may not be as easy to achieve on the first try, so don’t be discouraged.

2. Bright and Beautiful

A slight variation from the above, in this rangoli design picture, the immediate focus is on the bright colors and brightness of the lamps.

3. Therapeutic Work

This beautiful rangoli design can be overcome in a few periods if your sense of symmetry is perfect. Just looking at those perfect swirls is so satisfying; imagine doing them and seeing them materialize right before your eyes.

4. Flowers and Petals

Relatively more straightforward rangoli design once you have mastered using rangoli cones. However, it is pleasant and relaxing.

5. It takes two (Colors) to Tango

This unique rangoli design is straightforward to make. It starts simple and clean, then progresses to exact technique, then back to easy methods. The play on the two tones gives these rangoli designs an edge over the rest.

6. I have the Flower!

This rangoli image plays beautifully with the distinct hues of each petal. For beginners, you can try to reproduce this flower with only one primary color and its shades.

7. Interconnected

You may need a compass for this one. Interlocking circles are a trendy pattern in round rangoli designs; we can see why.

8. The Swirls on the Ground Spin Around

Whirlwind and rapid movement. This rangoli design grabs attention with the swirls on the outermost coating, but the inner circle is the one that makes you speak wow! Easy, elegant, sharp.

9. The most Complicated of All

A more complicated version of the tourbillon and rapid movement. This beautiful rangoli design combines many technical elements: swirls, dots, and shadows. Master them individually, and you’ll steal the show on the first Diwali in your new home.

10. Mandala Patterns

The five-pointed leaf is a popular design in mandalas and looks excellent in rangoli pictures.

11. The Star of the Show

Please start with the star in the center, then twist your way to victory around it. This is a small but mighty rangoli design.

12. Less is More

A sweet and simple rangoli design – the marigold garland gives it a 3D effect, and we love it.

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