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Shadi Me Jarur Aana Full Movie Online

Shadi Me Jarur Aana Full Movie Online

Satyendra, known as Sattu and Aarti, meet over an arranged marriage plan and fall in love in the process in the movie Shadi Me Jarur Aana Full Movie Online. On their wedding night, an unexpected turn of events turns their world upside down. In the Indian civil service context, Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana explores the challenges Satyendra and Aarti face as a middle-class couple in India.


Rajkummar Rao – Satyendra also known as Sattu
Kriti Kharbanda – Aarti Shukla
Navni Parihar – Manju Shukla
Govind Namdeo – Shyam Sunder Shukla
Nayani Dixit – Abha
Manoj Pahwa – Jogi

About the Movie Shadi Me Jarur Aana

Satyendra Mishra (Rajkummar Rao) and Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda) live in Uttar Pradesh with their respective families. A marriage proposal for Satyendra leaves Aarti’s family, and the potential candidates find themselves having coffee, although they are both uncomfortable with the arrangement. While Satyendra has just obtained a job as a clerk in a ministry, Aarti has just completed his studies at Allahabad. The two get along on the first meeting and decide to get married.

Satyendra’s mother (Alka Amin) and maternal uncle Mahesh (Vipin Sharma) are cheeky that they want a large sum of money as a dowry. They say it in so many words when the father of Aarti, Shyam Sunder Shukla (Govind Namdeo), and Aarti’s maternal uncle Jogi (Manoj Pahwa) will meet with the Mishras to discuss dowry and other marriage arrangements.

Although she finds the demand beyond her means, Shukla accepts the proposal because she believes that Satyendra is the best partner for her daughter. Shyam Sunder Shukla is very orthodox in his thinking and firmly believes that girls should get married at the first opportunity. Not for him, working girls and everything. But since Aarti is professional in mind, she tells Satyendra when they first meet that she would like to take a job after marriage. Satyendra agrees.

More Details About Movie

Even when the baaraat is on its way from Satyendra’s house to Aarti’s house, Aarti receives happy news that rejoices his heart endlessly. But this news, along with what Satyendra’s mother told Abha, becomes why Aarti runs away from home before the wedding.

To the surprise and devastation of Satyendra and her family, the marriage called off. The reason given was that Aarti had just learned that the Mishra had demanded a dowry, which was not acceptable to her. Before running away, Aarti had tried calling Satyendra several times because she loved him very much. Still, she hadn’t heard her cell phone ringing amid the celebrations and the music of the baaraat.

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Finally, Satyendra reveals who was really behind the whole scam, and the two resolve their differences. As they progress through life, becoming good friends, Aarti realizes her love for him and begs him to marry her. Satyendra, still bitter about what had happened, categorically refuses again and again. Finally, Aarti says yes to an arranged marriage and invites Satyendra to his home.

Upon her arrival, Satyendra realizes that she has to let go of her ego and confess her love for Aarti, or she will lose her forever. Things escalate when Aarti’s groom overhears the conversation and takes Aarti to start the wedding. Satyendra grabs Aarti’s brother’s gun and threatens to kill everyone if Aarti doesn’t marry her.

It turns out Satyendra found out that this whole marriage was just a drama to get her to come to terms with her feelings and then marry Aarti on the spot. Moreover, Satyendra found out about this and showed her with the gun pointed at the fake boyfriend.

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