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Quem Está Mais Votado Para Sair Do BBB 23


Quem está mais votado para sair do bbb 23 – Aline Wirley, Amanda and Bruna Griphao are the finalists of BBB 23. The sister who receives the most votes from the public will be this season’s grand champion, winning the prize of R$2.88 million, the largest in the reality show’s history. The final result will be announced in the live edition this Tuesday (25), which starts at 10:25 p.m. Viewers can now access the vote, which is open on the program’s Gshow page, and choose who should be the BBB 23 champion. To do this, log in with the data already registered in a Globo Account.

Who do you Want to Eliminate from BBB 23?

Who do you Want to Eliminate from BBB 23?

The Paredão formed last Sunday, 26/3, began to design on Thursday, 23/3, when Sarah Aline won the Leader’s Test, the same day that Larissa and Fred Nicácio returned to the game after spending two days in House of Reun. Through a vote, the public decide the duo would be back to move the game further.

Ricardo won the Prova do Anjo on Saturday, 25/3, and decide to immunize Domitila Barros, the record holder for Paredões in the edition. Still, it was not possible because the Anjo was autoimmune. However, the Fourth Desert participants already had another target besides Miss Germany, the singer Marvvila.

Quarto Deserto voted for her, but only three members could vote after the sister gained the power to veto a vote in the Globoplay Challenge and took Amanda’s turn. The doctor received five votes and end up on Paredão.

BBB 24 Registrations: See How to Register Online Through Gshow

For new service users, a free registration must done by entering an email address or taking advantage of Facebook, Google, or Apple account information. Registration is only done once and remains valid for the next season of Big Brother Brasil. Check out below how the grand final form and how to vote for Gshow to help decide who will win BBB 23. But she had the Joker Power up her sleeve, and with it, she had the right to put one of the least-vote brothers in the spotlight. Amanda decided to target Gabriel Santana. The actor was entitled to a Counterattack and chose Aline Wirley, adding three of the four members of Quarto Deserto to the Bate-Volta Test, which Amanda won.

How to Vote on Gshow for Aline Wirley, Amanda, or Bruna Griphao to Win BBB 23?

How to Vote on Gshow for Aline Wirley, Amanda, or Bruna Griphao to Win BBB 23?

Step 1. To participate by voting in the BBB 23 final, open the reality website on Gshow (“,” without quotation marks) and click on the poll highlight with the finalists’ photos. Step 2. As soon as the names and pictures of the final participants display on the screen, choose which one deserves to the winner of the season;

Step 3. Log in using the data register in a Globo Account and select the “Sign in” button. If you are not listed, choose the “Register” option to register for free by providing your data or linking your Facebook, Google, or Apple account information ;

Step 4. Once logged in, check the “I’m human” box to validate your vote in the BBB 23 final;

Step 5. The completion of your vote will shown on the screen. So, if you want to vote more often, CLICK THE “VOTE AGAIN” BUTTON AND START THE PROCESS OVER AGAIN.

Formation of The Bbb 23 Wall

Find out who voted for who  during the formation of the BBB wall this Sunday (26):

Larissa votes for Marvvila;

Fred Nicácio votes for Amanda;

Aline Wirley votes for Marvvila;

Domitila Barros votes for Amanda;

Bruna Griphao votes for Marvvila;

Gabriel Santana votes for Amanda;

Cezar votes for Aline Wirley;

Marvvila votes for Amanda;

Ricardo votes for Amanda.

Who is on the 15th Wall of BBB 23?

Who is on the 15th Wall of BBB 23?

On the fifteenth wall, the sisters are in the spotlight :

Aline Wirley;

Bruna Griphao and;

Sarah Aline.

The elimination will occur on TV Globo this Sunday (4/16), live during the Big Brother Brasil program.

Eliminated this week will also participate in the repechage?

This week will feature something new: instead of going to the BBB studios to interview and following the agenda of the eliminated party, the participant who leaves this tenth wall will go to the “reunion house,” where they will face to face with all the destroy.

Over the next few days, a vote will made to decide who returns to the game, and two former inmates will present with the playoff.

Who has Already Left BBB 23 and can Return?

Nine participants are already confine and are waiting for the presence of this week’s eliminates candidate between Domitila, Fred, and Gabriel. Ten competitors will compete to return to the program with the repechage: Marília, Gabriel, Tina, Paula, Cristian, Gustavo Cowboy, Fred Nicácio, Key Alves, Larissa, and the one eliminated from the 10th wall.

Who Does Not Participate in the Repechage?

Bruno Gaga, MC Guimê, and Cara de Sapato will not have a chance to return to the game. In Bruno’s case, he pressed the cancel button and thus ended up breaking the contract he signed with the broadcaster. Guimê and Sapato were expelled last Thursday (16) after going overboard with guest Dania Mendez. Therefore, none of them will participate in the repechage.

Gshow – How to Vote for BBB 23 to be Eliminated Today?

Gshow - How to Vote for BBB 23 to be Eliminated Today?

Voting on Gshow is in full swing! The site does not present partial information about who is ahead to leave and how close the poll is, but it is essential for the game’s progress, as it is the only official one for the reality show. Therefore, you must create a registration there if you don’t already have one.

To start, you must enter the Gshow website and then click on the Big Brother Brasil page, which you can find in the menu on the left. Once there, you must click on the program’s official survey. In which appears right at the beginning of the page.

As you won’t be able to vote in the poll without log in, now all you have to do is register. You will only provide four details: your full name, date of birth, your email address. And also, the password you will use on the website. After completing the registration, return to the BBB page.

Now, click on the poll on the participant you want to eliminate between Fred Desimpedidos, Domitila Barros, and Gabriel Santana. Confirm your vote by going through robot verification and waiting for confirmation from the website. Repeat the process as many times as you want!

How was the BBB 23 Final Formed?

The three finalists of BBB 23 define on Sunday night (23). After Larissa’s elimination in the last wall of the season, Aline Wirley and Bruna Griphao joined Amanda in the reality show’s final. It is worth remembering that the doctor assured herself of the decision. In advance after winning the “Finalist Test” on Friday (21). Now, the three sisters compete for the public’s preference. who will vote to decide who gets the prize estimate at around R$2.8 million.


Quem Está Mais Votado Para Sair Do BBB 23 – There is a tiny left for one of this week’s housemates to leave BBB 23. On Tuesday night, 3/28. The public will decide who will leave the most-watched house in Brazil. Who comes out in the 11th Paredão of the season: Aline Wirley, Bruna Griphao, or Gabriel Santana? Is it anxiety that speaks? There’s still time to vote, and vote a lot! The wall formation placed Fred, Domitila, and Gabriel on the tenth wall of BBB 23. And also, now it is up to the public to decide who stays and who leaves in this hot spot. The UOL poll shows the one in front to go for now is Fred. Who is at risk of high rejection in this elimination.

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