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PVU to PHP – Plant Vs Undead to Philippine Peso


PVU to PHP rate today is ₱0.615546 and has decreased -2.5% from ₱0.631011 since yesterday.

Plant vs Undead (PVU) is on an upward monthly trajectory as it has increased 4.3% from ₱0.590217 since 1 month (30 days) ago.


PVU to PHP {Plant Vs Undead to Philippine Peso} Data

Today’s PVU to PHP conversion rate is ₱0.74 and has increased by 29.74% in the previous 24 hours.

Our converter updates in real time, giving you precise information every time you use it to make a conversion. The current price direction of Plant Vs Undead is increasing because PVU has been up 40.36% in the last 30 days.

You can use your PHP to PVU buy in two ways: a centralized exchange that supports PVU trading pairs or a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap. You must buy and transfer some BNB tokens to your MetaMask wallet in the latter method.

The value of the Philippine PVU in Peso has been dynamically changing in price because of fluctuating market conditions. The real-time value of PVU in Peso can be checked on this converter page. Users can quickly check the conversion rate between Philippine Peso and PVU on CoinMarketCap.

To buy PVU on PancakeSwap, you must deposit some PHP on an exchange like Binance. Then, proceed to buy some BNB, which will also be required to pay transaction fees on the BNB Smart Chain. Transfer the BNB to your MetaMask wallet.

For first-time users, you will have to add the chain to your MetaMask wallet for you to be able to access the token. Read here if you need to understand how to start BSC on MetaMask. Connect your MetaMask to the PancakeSwap website and head to the swap page. Swap your BNB to PVU, although it is advisable to leave some BNB to pay transaction fees.

To withdraw PVU to PhP, execute the steps above in reverse order. Before retiring, you can check the live conversion rate of PVU to PHP to get an idea of the amount of PHP you should receive. Then, swap your PVU to either BNB or BUSD. Once it transfers to the exchange, you can convert and withdraw in PHP.

How to Convert PVU to PHP?

You can convert PVU to PHP by using a currency converter online. As of 27 Dec 2022, the covert rate of 1 PVU is equal to 0.52 PHP, and 1000 PVU is 518.48 PHP. There are 35,027,505.692 PVU in circulation.

What is Plant Vs Undead Crypto?

What is Plant Vs Undead Crypto?

Plant vs Undead is a free NFT multiplayer game built on the BSC network. The game is set on a planet called “Plant.” On this planet, hundreds of different plants need to cultivate. The player’s task is to obtain seeds to grow plants to fight against the “undead”.

The player starts with a “mother tree” (which keeps him safe from the undead) and 6 non-NFT plants that can plant and cultivated. In addition to these free assets, players can purchase PVU tokens to purchase seeds and accessories for planting. To grow their gardens, they can also purchase fully grown plants from the secondary market.

Plants vs Revenant primarily develop for mobile devices such as iOS and Android, and there is also a Windows version and a browser version. In the browser version, players can connect their Web 3.0 wallets. And trade on their marketplace, buying all the necessary assets.

I hope this article will help you to learn how to convert PVU to PHP and what is Plant Vs Undead crypto. Plant vs Undead is an NFT game that takes a unique approach to the fighting game industry by allowing users to grow plants and gardens. It makes it stand out from other titles featuring in-game characters.


Plant Vs. Undead was a game that aimed to rival even Axie Infinity. The game offered a simple but popular tower defense model with PvP and farming modes. The game’s main features, such as the NFT market and token sale, are reporting maintenance mode.

The game aimed to achieve the right balance and synergy of plants and defeat wave after wave of zombies.

However, Plant Vs. Undead fell the ranks and became an obscure Binance Smart Chain game, at least in terms of its innovative contract interactions. The game is otherwise downloadable and playable outside blockchain interactions.

What is the Philippine Peso (PHP)?


The Philippine peso, abbreviated as PHP in foreign exchange (forex) markets, is the national currency of the Republic of the Philippines. The peso is known as “piso” in the Filipino and Tagalog languages.

The PhP comprises 100 centavos or “sentimos” and is often represented by the symbol ₱.

As of January 9, 2022, one US dollar was equivalent to PHP 51.38. Over the past five years, its value fluctuate between lows below 48 pesos to the dollar and highs of 53.89 at the end of 2018.


If you’re the proud owner of PVU tokens, you must look at this post as you’ll discover the latest PVU price in PHP and additional details. We have talked about most of the coins on the market, showing how much the price will go up for the cash. Investors are eager to know about the coin’s status on the market and earn an enormous amount.

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