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[pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] – Solve It

How to Fix the Error [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2]?

pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2: Microsoft Outlook helps us communicate and stay connected to the world around us. Help with scheduling and managing emails, meetings, tracking to-do lists, business, and personal appointments, and more.

Causes of the Error [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2]

The problem pii email e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2 occurs by an error during the installation process, and Outlook conflicts with other applications on your computer. Also, there is a risk that multiple accounts are on the device under certain circumstances. Sometimes not having an updated version can also cause this problem. How to fix[pii_email_a09ae663ed64d4128110]error

How to Resolve the [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] Error?

[pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] Error

Four ways to resolve the above error:

Check the Latest Version

  • Check if the latest version of Outlook is compatible with your laptop or computer. Go ahead, update Outlook and remove the old version.
  • Once the old version is updated, your files will recover in the new version.
  • If a new version of Microsoft Office exists, be sure to back up important files.
  • If the error pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2 is not resolved, try the second option

Check Cookies and Cache

  • Another reason for this error could be a failure to clear cache and cookies.
  • Clear Outlook cookies and cache by going to the File and options menu
  • Log out of your Microsoft Outlook account. If you have several accounts, sign out of all of them.
  • Restart or turn off the laptop or computer and then turn it on again. Sign in to your Microsoft account and see if the issue persists.
  • Even after using the second method, if you cannot resolve the error pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2, try the third option

Check a Car Repair Tool

  • We can use this tool for automatic correction and repair of the problem that occurs in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Go to the Control Panel and find the tool’s feature settings. From there you can learn more about the software.
  • Open the Office 365 app and to repair it, select the Microsoft app.
  • Choose the type of correction needed
  • Click on the selected solution and follow the commands displayed on the window screen.
  • Usually the error pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2 should be resolved, if not, you can try the last way to fix the error [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2].

Find a Third-party Messaging App

  • Sometimes the reason may be the installation of multiple email apps.
  • Whenever a person uses Outlook, the conflict between two email applications can cause the problem.
  • To ensure a smoother working environment, remove any unreliable third-party sources or applications from the computer.
  • Reopen Microsoft Outlook to see if the issue exists


We hope the above steps have helped you to resolve the [pii_email_e7f71c0780ae9baa16c2] error in Outlook. Even if the error persists, we recommend that you contact Outlook Support directly for complete assistance.

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