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Nomos Glashutte: A Must Buy Watch Brand Today

Nomos Glashutte

Nomos Glashutte: A Must-Buy Watch Brand Today

There are thousands of watch brands available in the market. Their award-winning designs have renownedly brought several. With a combination of artistic, modern, and technological approaches, it is no doubt that it became a timeless watch in the market. 

Nomos Watch is the one we are talking about. It is a watch that has been commended because of its appearance and quality. It became a hit and has been receiving positive feedback until today. How come it was one of the best watches in the industry? Let’s find out. 

They opened up their company during their humble beginnings in a small town in Glashutte, Germany. It was founded right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, before 1990. Today, with over 300 employees, the company continued its steadfastness to create unique watches. The main purpose of the company is to cater to watch enthusiasts and those who want a personal timekeeper. Thus, Nomos Glashutte came into existence. 

Influence in Nomos Watch

Who says the Nomos watch is not creative? Out of all the watches available in the market, this comes to be artistic and upgraded. The Bauhaus School of thought has influenced this watch. 

The designs are magnificent, combines with crafts that bring out the artistry and colorful vibe it has. The shapes seem to be basic yet still generate a play. 

The school has been helping to make the watch great. It upgrades the watch with its unique and catchy designs, giving it a big step forward to its success. Thus, this makes sure that it still functions well without neglecting the purpose of the watch. 

Also, because of this advantage, they hooked the taste of watch enthusiasts out there. They have been a partner for them, which brings up their confidence and style when being worn.

Let us find out who they are. 

NOMOS Glashutte Watches: Who wore one?

Because of its creativity and simplicity, many are hooked to wear this kind of watch. Among them are some national government officials like the German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. And Former US President Bill Clinton hauled a vast collection of this watch. 

Actors were also attached to this watch’s beauty. Roger Moore and Sylvester Stallone have been using Nomos watches as their timekeeper. 

Without a doubt, this watch was truly renowned and made out of high quality as these big names chose this. It is also a significant opportunity for them to reach every individual around the world. 

Famous Watch Brands 

Above all the watches in the company, here are some of the renowned brands that have been making a name in the industry. Let’s meet them now. 

This watch comes to be one of the renowned watch brands in the company. A classy and sophisticated approach makes it perfect for formal and even casual situations. 

 With its features, the dial is crafted under thin lines. Its case has 18k gold with a polished sunbeam that is fine and appealing. The edges were also outstanding as it is hand-beveled, making it one of the most expensive watches in the company. 

 So if you are looking for a watch that will boost your confidence in a classy way, this one is perfect for you. 

This watch is perfect for those who are more into the sports side. It is ideal for any situation concerning sports as it helps them keep track of time. It is also the kind of watch that is comfortable to wear even in harsh conditions. 

 Solely designed by Werner Aisslinger, this watch holds a 41mm case with a dial lined with a car’s speedometer. This comes to be water-resistant, reaching up to 100 meters, and thickness of 10.5mm with an automatic caliber DUW 6101. 

 Are you looking for a watch that comforts you even in tough times? Wrap this watch on your wrist and see how it will manage to keep track of time.

Known to be a quirky watch, this one comes to be one of the oldest watch collections launched in 1992. Despite being a senior watch brand, it is still kicking and has outshone the latest watch brand in the market. 

 Presenting NOMOS Tetra, it features a square case like Tangente and Arabic numerals on the dial. Unlike other models, this comes to be smaller. Thus, it offers a colorful dial that seems to be appealing and lively. 

So if you are a fan of classic watches, this might be the one you are looking for then. 


It is truly a fact that NOMOS Watch is a great timekeeper we could have today. This gives us a fantastic experience in keeping track of time. This watch is comfortable to wear because of its clarity and durability. 

The handmade component makes it one of the unique watches in the market today. From its calibers to plates, this will surely bring high respect from the hardship of the makers to the users. 

Well, it is no doubt that the NOMOS watch became a hit. It was molded under its rich history, which pushed them up to the top shelf of its success. They continued and will continue to serve as a timekeeper for everyone. 

Well, to know more about these watches, you can visit NOMOS Glashutte. There is a lot to discover about more unique and fantastic timepieces on this website.  


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