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Kanchana 3 Watch or Download Movie Film Online – 2023

Kanchana 3 Watch or Download Full Film OnlineKanchana 3 Watch or Download Full Movie Online

  • The film Kanchana 3 is by Raghava Lawrence and will star Raghava Lawrence as the main character. Hungry for revenge, the spirit forces him to obey.
  • Kanchana 3 (also known as Muni 4) is a Tamil action-comedy horror film written and directed by Raghava Lawrence and co-produced by himself. And also the film stars Raghava Lawrence Oviya and Vedhika in the lead roles. The film Kanchana 3, produced by Sun Pictures, was the fourth installment in the Muni series and the third in the Kanchana series.
  • Raghava Lawrence signed a deal with DooPaaDoo, which lyricist Madhan Karky owns. Besides, the film has six songs composed by six musical directors each. Therefore, the music for the film will be in charge of Doopaadoo as a consortium of independent musicians.
  • Kanchana 3 surrounds a young man named Raghava, who is afraid of ghosts and spirits. So, things take a brutal turn when possessed by a spirit seeking revenge on someone.

Details on Kanchana 3

Kanchana 3 Movie Info:
Directed by: Lawrence Raghavendra
Starring by: Lawrence Raghavendra, Oviya, Vedika
Genres: Comedy, Horror
Categories: Telugu Featured, Telugu Movies 2019
Country: India
Language: Telugu

More Details of Kanchana 3 MovieKanchana 3 Watch or Download Full Movie Online

Written, produced, and directed by Raghava Lawrence, Kanchana 3 is a Tamil-language action comedy horror film released in 2019. The film received rave reviews from fans. Fans eagerly awaited the fourth installment of the Kanchana series after its success.  Further, this film is full of mystery, comedy, and climax. The film reached South Indian cinema after its release.


Raghava, a ghost-fearing man living with his happy family consisting of his mother, brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter, set out to Coimbatore for a family function. In the process, the whole family, including Raghava’s female cousins Priya, Kavya, and Divya, witness strange and scary incidents at their grandparents’ house, as well as Raghava getting possessed. The subsequent events return to another character named Kaali.

However, Kaali refuses, which leads Bhavani to kill Kaali’s disabled innocents. Enraged, Kaali kills Bhavani and his henchmen and finally him. After learning this, Shankar and his subordinate devise a plan to kill Kaali. When Rosie and Kaali take a ride on a bike, Shankar hires two lorries and crushes them both. Rosie and Kaali die after watching the video of his ashram and his supporters getting destroyed in a fire accident orchestrated by Shankar.


Raghava Lawrence in a twin role as Raghava and Kaali

Oviya as Kavya, Raghava’s cousin

Vedhika as Priya, Raghava’s cousin

Nikki Tamboli as Divya, Raghava’s cousin

Ri Djavi Alexandra as Rosie, Kali’s love interest

Kovai Sarala as Raghava’s mother

Devadarshini as Kamakshi, Raghava’s sister-in-law

Soori as Govindan, kaali’s friend

Sriman as Raghava’s brother

Delhi Ganesh as Raghava’s grandfather

Tarun Arora as Minister Shankar

Kabir Duhan Singh as Bhavani, Shankar’s brother

Anupama Kumar as Radha, Kaali’s mother

Yuvasri Lakshmi as Pappa, Raghava’s niece

Bhanu Balasubramaniam as Raghava’s grandmother

Aathma Patrick as Murthy

Myna Nandhini as Durga

Sunita Gogoi as Dhivya

Priyanka Nalkari as Moshika, Divya’s sister

Ashok Pandian as Dhivya and Moshika’s father

Meerabi as Dhivya and Moshika’s mother

  1. N. R. Manohar as Shankar’s friend

Sampath Ram as Aghori

Ajay Ghosh as a corrupt cop

Chetan Pandit as Abhisekh

Gabriella Sellus


Following the achievement of Kanchana 2 (2015), Raghava Lawrence established that more films in the horror entertainment series would continue to be made. In August 2015, he proclaimed a film aristocratic Naaga, which he would direct himself, and the film was broadly described as the fourth film in the Muni series. He subsequently worked on two other films, Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva (2017) and Shivalinga (2017).

Lawrence invigorated the project in August 2017 and revealed that he was finishing the script. The regular backup cast of Kovai Sarala, Manobala, Sriman, and Devadarshini were retained. Sun Pictures, who had previously shaped Enthiran (2010), agreed to make their film, marking their second production. In late September, the following actresses were added to the scheme: Oviya, following her popularity on the Tamil reality show Bigg Boss from the first film and newcomer Nikki Tamboli.

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Raghava is a young man who lives happily with his family but fears ghosts. When he visits Coimbatore with his family, he is haunted by a vengeful spirit with a sinister past.

Kanchana 3 has become a box office hit. According to media reports, the world’s first gross Kanchana 3 weekend was 50 million rupees.

Story Line:

Story Line:

  • Raghava Lawrence was Rajinikanth’s favorite choreographer in the late 1990s before becoming an actor and director of mass commercials. Lawrence is the “mind in motion” behind South India’s largest horror franchise, Kanchana. It focuses on his 2007 film Muni. Four years after Kanchana 2, which grossed over 100 million rupees in national and international theaters, Lawrence is back with Kanchana 3 (also called Muni 4) in Tamil and Telugu.
  • Lawrence takes on the dual roles of the gentle Raghava, who fears ghosts, and Kaali, a tough guy who is a philanthropist and runs an orphanage (in real life, Lawrence is known for his philanthropic activities, including running an orphanage for children ). ). Kaali meets a minister and his brother (Kabir Duhan Singh), who want to use the Ashram to launder his black money. When he protests, hell breaks out.
  • Everything is loud in the nearly three-hour movie (music to cut through the eardrums), exaggerated, and widely distributed in the gallery. Add crackling doors, rocking chairs, exorcism scenes (including exorcists from Russia!), Rituals to ward off evil, and hilarious possessed characters.
  • There are also some rude jokes and stuff with three girls doing their best to woo the hero. Plus the obligatory “Amma” sentiments and a so-called social message. Some songs (composed by different music directors) and deadly CGI fight scenes at the climax complete the formula.

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