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Fighter (2021) New Movie Dubbed In Hindi

Fighter (2021) New Movie Dubbed In Hindi

Fighter (2021) New Movie Dubbed In Hindi: Businessman and gold smuggler George Peter with his driver dies under mysterious circumstances. Police investigators Muhammed Easa and Isaac discover this was done with a surgical scalpel, leading them to believe there was a doctor behind it. They start to investigate medical stores. At the same time, Marco JR, George’s brother, meets Davis and his children, his rivals, to ask them if it was their job. Davis’s son Abraham begins to speak condescendingly, enraging Marco and forcing him to shoot Alexander.

At her funeral, Easa asks Davis if it is Marco. Davis doesn’t tell him, thinking he might get revenge on himself. A few days after a stranger shoots Patrick, the intermediary between the two gangs, Easa and Isaac, takes him to Star Hospital. At the same time, he gets protection from maximum security. It reinforces Easa and Isaac’s theory that the killer is a doctor.

How to Download Fighter (2021) New Movie Dubbed In Hindi?

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Details of Fighter (2021) New Movie Dubbed In Hindi

Cast – Mahesh Babu, Rashmika Mandanna
South Action Movie
Released – 2021

Story Line of Fighter (2021) New Movie Dubbed In Hindi

Story Line of Fighter (2021) New Movie Dubbed In Hindi

Meanwhile, someone interviews a pharmacist to find out the truth about the murders. Both gangs start to believe that someone is chasing them. Isaac is wary of Easa as he has already said he has an informant but has not revealed anything about him. Isaac investigates on his own and discovers that Dr. Michael John, the Star Hospital victim specialist, is both the killer and the informant. He also understands that Easa is helping Michael as they had contacted each other several times. He tells Easa what he learned from his research, forcing Easa to reveal everything to avoid Dr. Michael’s arrest. Easy explains that when Michael was 10, he was involved in an accident that killed his father. Michael’s mother blamed him for his father’s death.

The only person he loved was his sister, Jenny. A student named Gerald confronts a karate match in front of the whole school. Jenny defeated him, making his friends and other students laugh at him for losing to a girl. Depressed by the affair, Gerald jumps off the school patio. Gerald’s dad, George, breaks up and picks up and tells Jenny to jump off the school patio the same thing she jumped on, or she’ll kill her whole family.

More About Fighter (2021)

After Peter continually annoys and harasses his family, Jenny decides to jump off the school patio. Just before she jumps, Michael suddenly arrives and saves her. She talks about Peter to Michael; Michael files a complaint with the police, but the police beat him because they are allied with Peter. Michael’s mother asks him to visit her on Christmas, but he refuses. Later, Peter kills Michael’s mother, causing an enraged Michael to burn Peter’s car. Peter and his forces grab him, beat him, and leave him to die on the railroad tracks. Michael escapes and ends up catching up with Peter and his driver and killing them both.

Jenny disappears; Michael finally finds her at Davis. In revenge for Michael’s murder of Patrick, they kidnap them. But Michael can save Jenny. Easy arrests Marco for killing Abraham, but Marco is released on bail. Marco kidnaps Jenny and takes her to the roof of a building, and asks her to jump. Michael arrives and fights Marco and finally kills him, saving his sister and her family.

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