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Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a device or container used to serve or prepare coffee. Coffee is called; meanwhile, the drink obtained through the roasted and ground seed infusion is called a coffee tree.

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Types of Coffee Makers

Vacuum coffee maker (1830), known as vacuum coffee maker or cone coffee maker. It was invented in the 1830s by Loeff of Berlin.

Plunger, piston, French or French press coffee maker (1850):

It allows you to prepare coffee and keep all the coffee oils, making it smooth and delicious. Despite being an Italian invention, this coffee maker was popularized by the French, hence its name. The coffee must be ground with large beans not to pass through the filter.

Espresso Maker (1901)

The espresso or espresso machine passes hot water, regularly 90°F at a pressure of 8-10 atmospheres for 20 to 30 seconds through the very finely ground coffee, extracting its flavor and essence. The essential preparation of this coffee maker is espresso coffee. The espresso coffee machine was born at the start of the 20th century, thanks to the engineer Luigi Bezzera, in Italy, from where it spread to Europe.

Percolator Coffee Pot (1919)

Its name comes from the word “percolate,” which means to pass a soluble substance through a permeable substance, especially to create a soluble compound.

Vacuum Coffee Pot

Known by the name of vacuum coffee maker or cone coffee maker. It was invented in the 1830s by Loeff of Berlin.

Vacuum coffee pot

Italian or mocha coffee pot (1933)

It consists of two bodies that are screwed together in the central part. The lower part is the water tank, which has a safety valve on one side and where a funnel-shaped filter with the coffee is placed. The upper part is the tank that will receive the prepared coffee. The boiling water releases steam, which increases the pressure inside the tank, causing the water to rise through the filter tube through the ground coffee, extracting its essence and flavor.

Neapolitan coffee pot (or cucumella)

Similar in appearance to moka coffee makers, it is used to prepare a very dense, tasty coffee through filtering or dripping. It is not an espresso coffee to use.

Filter Coffee Maker (Drip or Percolator) (1961)

It consists of a water tank heated and passed through the ground coffee deposited on a paper, aluminum, or steel mesh filter. The water passes slowly through the medium-ground coffee and falls drop by gravity into a carafe. Usually, the jug is made of glass and goes on a base or electric plate that keeps it warm. Ideal for preparing several cups of light or American coffee, and it works with electrical energy.

Turkish Coffee Maker

The pot-shaped coffee maker is prevalent in Turkey. Hence its name, this coffee maker uses non-soluble ground coffee and does not require filters. Because the way to drink it is that the coffee well sinks into the coffee pot and only the upper part is consumed, like this type of coffee, it is common to drink it with a glass of water to clean the teeth after drinking the coffee.

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